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You may have noticed before just how much I love diffusers and candles currently. The obsession started after I moved from university and I feel a bit empty inside if I don’t have any candles burning away whilst I’m relaxing in the bath or un-winding from the day in my bedroom with my aroma diffuser blasting away.


Pairfum London sent me over one of their reed diffusers to test out and I have to be honest when I say, I’ve never owned one before. Why? Well because candles for me are the essence of what makes a room feel instantly relaxing and comforting. Anything else just wouldn’t have the same effect. However, fragrances for me are a big contributing factor and I use my aroma diffuser daily so perhaps this would be a suitable alternative?

Reed Diffuser

I received the Tower Classic with the Magnolias in bloom scent. This one appealed to me mostly because it’s Spring and I wanted a little more of a floral scent as opposed to the spices that I prefer during the winter. The fragrance oil came in a 100ml bottle that’s elegant in design. The decanter is very well made and has a frosted glass effect running all around it. A decorative chrome collar adds a little something extra but also keeps the reeds in place.


The natural black reeds (of which there are 10 in total) draws the oil up and releases the fragrance into the room. The more reeds you add to the oil, the stronger the smell. So what did I do? I chucked them all in because you know what, you have to commit when it comes to fragrance and just go wild.


Interestingly, a lot of reed diffusers use carrier solvents which aren’t eco-friendly and are classed as VOC which are essentially harmful for the lungs to inhale and are depleting the ozone layer. However, Pairfum’s diffusers do not use these solvents, so you’re safe in the knowledge that not only you but anyone who comes into contact with the diffuser, will be safe inhaling it.


The fragrance oil lasts for 3-5 months, which in reed diffusers is apparently a very long time, so this will definitely last me until Autumn pops by.

Reed Diffuser

I think for the style and how gorgeous it looks on my living room side table, it’s definitely worth the £20.00. The fact that it lasts so long as well makes up for the amount I’d spend in candles anyway.


Make sure you check out their range as they supply candles, perfumes and skincare products too!







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