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I’ve mentioned on my blog before that I would love to take my blog full-time if the opportunity arose. As a blogger, you have so much freedom in making your own content whilst working with brands and clients that you never thought would collaborate with you. There still seems to be a lot of negativity and perhaps even jealousy towards bloggers because we are able to earn a considerable income for ‘doing very little‘ but in fact, a lot of work goes into blogging and it’s why I wanted to talk about hot-desking.

Hot-DeskingHot-desking is another word for non-reservation based hotelling. It’s normally a space where desks are set up and unlike normal office desks, these are worked on by multiple staff members. There’s quite a lot of these spaces around the UK and especially in the big cities like Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff and London.

I feel like there’s plenty of advantages of using a hot-desking system and if I am able to take the leap into full-time blogging then I will certainly consider using this myself.


New Surroundings

I think the best thing about hot-desking is your new surroundings. You may find yourself picking a new spot each time you visit the space and therefore you’ll never get bored. There are some amazing spaces that are being used for hot-desking so be sure to do a little research to find the most beautiful spot to run your business.


No Distractions

When working from home, I find that there are multiple distractions that I wouldn’t have if I were in an office environment on my own. Things like the television, music playing and other people in the house all contribute to getting less work done.


Social Interaction & Networking

The environment you’ll be in when hot-desking will likely have freelancers from all walks of life, working on all sorts of things. As a blogger and freelancer, this can be super beneficial as you may find yourself chatting with someone who needs help with their work and is willing to pay you. You may find new start-up brands that want to take advantage of your skills. The list is full of endless possibilities. Also compared to working from home, you’ll be surrounded by people so you’re less likely to get lonely.


Time Management 

A blogger’s work is never done. That’s the motto that I think a lot of bloggers will go ‘YES, I hear you Natalie’¬†in response. If I had the opportunity to survive on a couple of hours of sleep a night, I would take it in return for more time spent working on my blog. Structure of time is something that a full-time job gives you. You’ve got set hours and once they’re done, most of the time after that is for your own stuff.

As a freelancer, you have the ability to set your own hours so working in an office space can allow you to work like your in a full-time job, working 9-5 and then going home. I know that if I were working from home, I’d work for too long and I’d burn myself out after a few days.


Extra Perks

Most of these spaces offer memberships and each one comes with its own extra perks. This can be anything from free beverages, discounted printing services or even a free gym membership service if it’s available. Now that’s something you wouldn’t get at home normally right?

What do you think of hot-desking? Let me know in the comments below.


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