The world was shocked last night at the news of a terrorist attack in Paris. At this current moment in time, the latest coverage said that as many as 127 people are dead and there are multiple casualties both injured and in critical condition.

The advancement of technology means that we’re both unable to avoid what goes on in the world and this is both a good and bad thing. Like many of other people, I had friends over in Paris and my first reaction was to check that they were all safe. Facebook last night, very quickly brought in a tracking app on Facebook where people could check in to mark themselves as being safe if they were in France. Such a fantastic and quick thinking application so that family and friends and more importantly the police know who’s safe and who’s missing.

It’s completely shocking and frankly scary that this is so close to home. I think a lot of us are naive when it comes to mass killings on this scale, especially terrorist driven. We see so much in the news and then we just get on with our day. This violence and attack on innocent people needs to stop. There is so much conflict and violence in this world that it saddens me that the next generation of children are going to grow up with threats to innocent civilians every other day if this goes on. It makes you worry that even us in the UK aren’t safe. We already experienced the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005 and now living in London, I was cautious to go out today even living just outside of Central London.

Terrorists feed on fear and they try to use that fear to break down our feelings of safety and union. But even though the world has seen some of it’s darkest days, the sheer support and unity that those on social media have shown, proves that we will not be brought down by fear and evil. We will rise from this, grow stronger and hopefully find a way of ending war and conflict and finally find peace between races, cultures and nations.

I shall definitely be holding my loved ones closer from now on. Appreciate every moment you have because unfortunately, no one is ever safe.

Natalie-Ann x

Based In

London, UK

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