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A few weeks back now, I got contacted by one of the founders of Train Dirty. A company that was founded in 2008 by Mark and Richard (Richard is the one who contacted me) that focuses on training those of all ages and fitness levels using the very best of their unique fitness programmes, requiring sheer grit and determination from the individual involved. Richard found me on Instagram which is a great example of how social media can get you in touch with companies that you may have not thought would be interested or would have even come across if it had not been for the power of social media.

After a few messages sent back and forth, a time and place had been arranged for me to have a complimentary and introductory session on their Skinny Rebel programme. A workout aimed at women but can also be used by men. This was later explained by Dean, my personal trainer that the use of an altitude mask being used in the workout can seem a little daunting to some. Like myself who thought it looked like something Bane would wear and would make you sound like a wheezy Darth Vader. To be honest both descriptions weren’t that far off from the truth. I definitely should have taken the photo of me wearing the mask before the workout, because honestly I look like a hot (not so hot) mess.

Look how ridiculous I look…

I don’t quite look as tough and attractive as the girl above but hey, who’s gorgeous and sweat free after being part of an intense workout?! I met my personal trainer Dean in the lobby of the luxury Conrad Hotel in St James. This hotel is simply stunning and if any of you are in London soon, I would definitely check it out. We then made our way down to the gym, which was small yet accommodating for a client or a short staying guest. I myself was quite familiar with the majority of the work out appliances but what I was not ready for was this workout. 

Now to start off with, I was very happy that I simply got through the entire workout without blacking out or vomiting (one has definitely happened from Dean’s experience so far). Mainly as I didn’t want to show myself up or embarrass Dean by vomiting, I decided to take off the altitude mask around a 1/4 of the way through the workout. I’m not embarrassed to also say that even the warm ups were extremely difficult!

The altitude mask was very bizarre. It didn’t exactly cut off the circulation of air of course but it did make breathing more difficult, especially when you were working your body more. I decided to go with the altitude mask from the off, especially as I thought putting it on half way through would probably be a no-go. And I was right, as soon as I got past the burpees, enough was enough and I caved in. I didn’t see this as a negative, more of an accomplishment that I got that far after so many excruciating exercises! Dean was incredible at pushing me when I certainly wouldn’t have if I were on my own in the gym. The exercises were tough but manageable with short minute breaks which were a beautiful relief.

The last 25 bear crawls were the toughest. I could feel my whole body starting to lock and give up but Dean wouldn’t let me. He made sure I completed those 25 bear crawls even if it meant I covered a shorter distance and finally RELIEF! I finished the 45 minutes which felt more like two hours!

I’d like to thank Train Dirty for giving me the opportunity to take part in this workout and of course Dean for the incredible training that he gave me to power through such an intense but satisfying workout (and for having his picture taken).

Skinny Rebel sessions are currently £40 per session but if you’re after a quick fix solution (especially for those who have piled on the mince pies over the festive period), these are a great way of getting the results you want, fast!

Natalie-Ann x

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