Netflix Binge – What I’m Watching

Netflix is the best thing to ever grace my life. Period.

I love Netflix for it’s variety of films and television series that it offers both old and new. I’ve been watching a fair bit of it quite recently so I thought I’d tell you what I’m binging on at the moment and ones I’d definitely recommend watching.


Who can resist this classic? Aside from it’s cheesy acting, I’m addicted to this at the moment. I remember watching a lot of these episodes when I was younger but didn’t realise there was around 8 seasons worth. I think I’m on Season 5 at the moment! Also, like Friends and other 00s classics, why the hell did no one wear bras?!


A series that myself and Sam have started recently. It’s a drama/crime series and it’s one of those programmes that has a series of twists, back stabbings and plenty of cliffhangers. Full of well known actors, this is a great one to watch if you want to be gripped to your seat with anticipation.

Olympus Has Fallen

One of those action packed, shout at your telly in anger films. Starring the beautiful Gerard Butler being an absolute slayer of the baddies, the films depicts a horrifying situation as the White House is taken over by North Korea. Morgan Freeman finds himself onto the screen in this and to be honest, I wasn’t even surprised when he popped up on screen. It’s very much one of these films with typical actors to appear in. Cracking film though!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This series is absolutely hilarious and I cannot wait for the second season to appear on Netflix, which I believe is very soon! Kimmy Schmidt is a ‘mole woman’, having been kept in an underground bunker by a crazy priest who told them the world had ended. It follows her journey from the bunker to adapting to modern life, played by the wonderful Ellie Kemper and featuring the phenomenal Tituss Burgess. You’ll watch this series, back to back and it will be over before you even realise it. SO GO WATCH IT!

RuPauls Drag Race

If you hate America’s/Uk’s whatever country’s Next Top Model, then you’re going to love RuPauls Drag Race. A competition to find the best drag queen, held by the Queen of Drag, RuPaul! Expect cattier fights than you see in Made in Chelsea, more make-up than you get from The Only Way Is Essex and more shade than anyone can every imagine to receive. OH THE SHADE, THE SHADE OF IT ALL! (you’ll only get this if you have watched it!)

Love, Rosie

If you love romantic films with the HOTTEST guy ever, Sam Claflin, then this is the one to watch. Two friends who have known each other since they were children, end up wanting to be together but as fate would have it, they go through life, missing out on each other.  Another emotional one but just to see Sam Claflin’s face and body is enough.

Making a Murderer

You cannot escape the fact that this 10 episode documentary series has bowled over and shocked nations throughout the UK,USA and afar. The documentary follows Steven Avery, wrongfully imprisoned for the rape of a woman and then only let out 18 years later. Within a few years, he’s back in prison for brutally murdering a woman. Although all is not what it seems and your left wondering what really happened and was this individual and his nephew, framed for murder? This programme will definitely have you hooked so watch this when you have a couple of days off.


This is one I actually need to finish off. The first few seasons are awesome but then they sort of lull and become a bit repetitive. However, I need to make sure I finish it off before I forget what happened during the last episode. The series is about a blood analyst by day and a killer by night, killing criminals. You end up loving, hating and loving Dexter again and again. This one also has plenty of climactic endings and shocking twists.

The Best of Me

A beautiful film, very similar to The NoteBook but with more death and a not so pleasant ending. If you want a romantic soppy film which gives you the opportunity to bawl your eyes out at the very end, then this is perfect for that, along with a large glass of wine.

Natalie-Ann x

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