Living In A World Of Violence

Life is definitely a very strange concept. From the moment we’re born, we’re slowly aging (slowly dying) and how morbid is that? So surely we want to make every single day count right? We grow up as children seeing the world through rose tinted glasses. The bad guys only exist on your television screens, you’re not old enough to know what death is and the only people that matter to you most are those who feed and wipe your bottom. And then suddenly, flash forward and you’re an adult. You’ve now probably experienced death, you know that a lot of your childhood was a lie (Santa, The Tooth Fairy) and you have a lot more people in your life that matter to you.

I find myself on a daily basis now, scanning the news to see what’s going on in our world. I hope for happy stories but most of the time? Well it’s death, it’s destruction and it’s violence. It seems that in today’s world, we live in such a hate fuelled place. The most worrying thing is that it’s become normal. Whether it’s Donald Trump, ISIS or the countless murders, stabbings, rape, child abuse, domestic abuse and theft that floods our television screens and what we hear and read, they’re all a fault of our world that we live in. As a 23 year old woman, I walk down the street thinking about all this violence going on in our world. We now have Facebook acting as a check in point for those caught up in bombings to let us know that they’re safe. Our every move is watched by CCTV, we’re searched, patted down and processed. We watch each other more closely every time there’s been a major terrorist attack and we’re unaware of attacks that happen outside of Western countries. When I walk down the street, I feel a sense of danger. I feel a sense of danger for myself and for my friends and family. Living in London heightens this feeling and the one thought that often comes into my mind when I’m travelling on the underground or find myself in a heavily public occupied space is…where’s my getaway route? The newspapers have told me that if I find myself in the middle of a terrorist attack, you don’t hide, you just get out of there.

As a 23 year old, I’m scared of violence. It’s everywhere you go and it only seems to be getting worse. Do I feel safe? No. Not at all. I find the blog is drifting mainly to terrorism, as it’s something very much here today. I don’t think violence solves a thing. If you hit someone, expect to get hit back. If you destroy someone’s life, it has a ripple effect. You don’t just hurt them but you hurt those around them and you don’t know those people. You don’t know what they’re capable of. We’re all the same yet most of the time, a decision is made by one or few individuals. That decision affects everyone and these terror attacks target everyday people, people with families and friends. They’re attacked for going to work, for wanting to travel, for going out to watch their favourite band or football play or for simply going out for a meal.

This blog is so difficult to write because I don’t know my reasons for writing this or where I’m going with it. I suppose what I’m really wanting to say is that I just want violence to stop. I want terrorism to end, I want to walk down the street and not be afraid of those around me. I want to wake up in the morning and check my social media to find that there’s no more threats to our world. It’s a want that’s probably never going to be solved, it’s probably never going to go away and one day we’ll all be able to say we know someone who died at the hands of violence.

So I’ll leave you with this,

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