Supporting RNIB

One of my New Years Resolutions was to work for a charity. I’m already giving to one charity called RNIB. RNIB supports blind and partially sighted individuals. I’ve struggled to comprehend what it must be like to either be blind or partially sighted. It’s something that we take for granted and to imagine that one day, your vision could just disappear and everything you thought simple to do would become so much harder. That the people you know and love, you would no longer be able to see. It’s something that must be so difficult to deal with but it’s so incredible receiving the monthly newsletter with stories of how technology and social care, provides individuals with all the help and care that they need to make life normal again.

They not only support those who are blind/partially sighted, but they also help those around who are struggling emotionally. The history of RNIB dates back to 1868 and has been renamed twice over the course of it’s existence. RNIB provides the individual with all the key information they need to get their lives back up and running again, including help with local council, products that help make life easier and a friendly ear if they need someone to talk to.

RNIB is a fantastic organisation and you can register to donate here. It’s only as little as £5 a month which goes a long way in providing more callers for their Helpline services. Give £15 and you’re providing children with sight loss, with Talking Books. And then there’s £50 a month, which could help pay for counselling for someone who’s just been told that they could lose their sight. Any donations are welcome and they even have the option of making one off donations. RNIB provides you with loads of information through the post, including updates from users of RNIB and how they have progressed.

This isn’t exactly my New Years Resolution, but I would at some point like to volunteer my services if there was an opportunity that had arisen in RNIB or with another charity. I’ve discovered that they’re actually after people to volunteer so I believe that’s my calling to help out!

Natalie-Ann x

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