What’s A Silicone Makeup Applicator?

What’s a silicone makeup applicator? Well it’s essentially a chicken fillet but a smaller, slimmer version and apparently it’s become quite the latest trend in the beauty industry.

It’s been quite a makeup journey for me, since when I started using makeup, I would simply apply it using my fingers. Later on, I got my first professional brushes which were the Real Techniques range and then finally I invested in a Beauty Blender. Beauty Blenders are by far my favourite and I’m keen to try out the other range of sponges they have on offer.

Silicone applicator

However when I spotted the silicone applicator being shown off by all these beauty bloggers and vloggers, I knew that I had to order myself one and give it a go. Now I got mine from Ebay and it was 99p (bargain). I’m pretty sure there’s brands that sell these but they are all the same from what I can tell. Mine arrived a few weeks after ordering as it was coming from Hong Kong so if you want a quick delivery, perhaps shop around to see what’s quickest in terms of delivery.

Applying makeup onto skin

I decided to apply a small amount to the applicator as I wanted to see just how much of the product would cover my face. Obviously, the first thing I noted was that the liquid foundation didn’t soak into the silicone and therefore it meant I was losing less product than what I’d lose in a beauty blender or brush.

I was pretty impressed with the result but I didn’t actually want to blend it in too much as I wanted to compare it to what I normally do with my beauty blender which is to dab it onto the skin. And the results?

Foundation comparison

You can clearly see the tell tale swipes on my face even though I tried to avoid using this method. I definitely believe that you’ll use less product on the first application but because you’re spreading the foundation repeatedly over the skin, unless it’s thick and has super heavy coverage, it can appear quite thin on the skin. Whereas using the beauty blender, dabbing it into the skin creates a smoother finish and and you’re not spreading the product around too much.

My thoughts on the silicone makeup applicator are mixed. Yes you’ll probably end up using less product but I’m not so keen on the finish. It is certainly easier to clean than the beauty blender or brushes and I would think that it would last a lot longer. Either way for 99p, it’s worth trying and I won’t lose any sleep over it!

Have you tried the silicone applicator? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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