Geek Girl

Introducing Geek Girl – Head Over Heels, the latest of a series of witty and very funny novels by Holly Smale. Holly is a thirty-something writer that has created a very organised, clever and ambitious young girl. Harriet Manners is a 15-year old girl who tries to reinvent herself as a model. As well as being super clever and organised, throughout the novels she’s tried to crack the modelling industry – and failed embarrassingly. 

Now as this is part of a series of six books, I would recommend readers to buy the first one – even though you won’t be lost completely in the story – you’ve essentially missed out on a lot of what’s happened beforehand. Smale draws from her own experience when she was recruited as a model herself for two years, having not enjoyed it. She also states that her childhood experiences of being bullied have influenced the subjects she choose to write about.

What I love about this book is not only the quirky, bold and colourful design (much like Harriet herself), is the incredible facts and figures woven effortlessly into the story. Such as , All these facts are used to describe the situation that Harriet’s in or how she’s feeling. A lot of them made me laugh out loud which for a teenage orientated book to do, is quite an accomplishment. That said, I never really grew up mentally…

This novel is definitely aimed for teenagers and those of us who enjoyed a bit of Tracey Beaker back in the day. I would certainly recommend this girls aged 11-16 as I think this would certainly suit that age range. It’s a story that will encourage young girls to never be afraid of accomplishing big dreams and that failing first time (or second and third in Harriet’s case), is not the end of the world.

You can buy this book from most of your local big supermarkets or you can get it online here for just £7.00.

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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