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It’s quite hard to believe that’s it been four years since I graduated from university. Time flies by so terribly fast, it’s scary to think about it. I remember my graduation like it was yesterday. If you have a loved one graduating soon, why not give them the gift of time with ADEXE.

ADEXE Wrist WatchADEXE is a luxury watch brand based in the heart of London. It’s sleek and modern designs are the perfect time keeper for any graduate facing adulthood. Time is important and since graduating I’ve realised that it’s something that’s now definitely not on my side.

I got sent the Freerunner in Petite Brownie & Gold. At ¬£95.00, this sits pretty reasonable for what is considered a luxury watch and it’s the perfect price for a gracious graduation gift. Made from hand-polished stainless steel and handmade genuine Italian leather, this watch is made to last. The small watch face makes this a piece that won’t overpower an outfit and I’ve been wearing this myself on a daily basis.

Adexe WatchADEXE WatchesADEXE’s mission is to create finely crafted, uniquely appointed time pieces at affordable prices and I think that is certainly true when it comes to their range of watches. I love the feel of this watch on my hand, it’s lightweight and therefore I often forget it’s even there. The gold hands and gold lining around the watch face contrast beautifully with the Italian leather.

The ADEXE brand is clear on how their process delivers a more affordable and honest service. Instead of using third party production and marketing which hikes up the cost you pay, everything is kept in house by the company’s own hand. You can tell that great care and thought has gone into every piece in their collection.

ADEXE WatchesThis is probably my first ever luxury watch, in fact it’s the first watch I’ve worn since graduating from university. Owning a watch is something that has become a little rarer in today’s society. No longer do we really need them when we have other obvious means to tell the time. However, the watch has now become much more than just a way to tell time, it’s a fashion statement.

Whether you opt for a small watch face or one that takes up the whole arm, the watch is now a staple that accessorises an outfit. ADEXE is a brand for all and don’t conform to gender. They go against the more traditional designs and turn them into something that can be worn by anyone.

The gift of time is an important one and one we lose very quickly. Yes this may be a materialistic item but the meaning behind this gift is more than that, it’s a reminder to always live in the moment and to never let time become your maker.

Thank you ADEXE for sending me this beautiful watch and you can get your very own with an additional 15% off the original price with the code UPYOURBLOG15.

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*Disclaimer – I was gifted this watch in return for my own honest review. All words are my own.

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