Gravitate – 30 Day Challenge

Gravitate. Lose weight naturally. It’s a product that claims it can help you lose 2-4lbs in just a week. I’ve tried many different products to assist me when I’m working out but I’ve not committed myself fully to one product. I think this is mainly why I don’t see the same results that are expected. Popping pills is also something that you can’t just jump into either. You have to do your research, make sure there are no side effects and that what you’re actually putting into your body is going to help with your fitness goals. 

As I’ve probably repeated on my blog time and time again, my ‘problem areas‘ were my tummy, bum and legs. Since going to the gym more regularly and cutting down on the junk food, I’ve noticed a massive difference in both my legs and my bum. Unfortunately, the tummy seems to be the only fat that ain’t shifting!

I’m going to be using Gravitate over the next 30 days to really see if the pills make a difference to my body. I’m focusing on my tummy area mainly and the goal is to see if I can get more definition of my abs. This means I need the rest of the tummy fat to burn off, so that my beautiful ab muscles will shine through. I can dream right?!

I’ve been sent the Supersculpt and Dietvits as part of my 30 day plan. The Supersculpt provides the weight loss aspect of the plan. The Glucomannan used in the supplements is the most effective, non prescriptive weight loss ingredient that has no side effects. They claim two of these a day will keep you feeling full, is very low in calories and will stop you snacking. I’ll be taking one before lunch and one before tea, an hour before. The Dietvits are another part of the plan to further combat weight loss, blocking the carbs, helps with fat burning, speeds up your metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

‘Many diet pills include high levels of caffeine. However, this often has minimal effects on weight loss and causes side effects such as nausea, headaches, anxiety and insomnia. Other diet pills may contain potentially dangerous man-made chemicals.

Gravitate® includes natural ingredients and does not need to contain any caffeine or unnatural ingredients.

Gravitate┬« is manufactured to the highest standards in GMP certified facilitates in the UK. GMP is the highest manufacturing standard and certifies the quality of ingredients.’

Ewww belly button.

Here’s my before picture of my stomach area. I’ll be providing an update in 30 days, alongside a before and after photo. Wish me luck!

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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