10 Ways To Get Into The Festive Mood

For all you scrooges out there or for those who simply haven’t had that pang of festive feels. Fear not, for I am giving you 10 ways to get into that festive spirit of Christmas. Can I get a ho ho?!

Christmas Tree

Stick on those festive tune

Yes I know every year, it’s the same song and unfortunately no not even today’s musicians can create a new Christmas song but the old ones are always the best. Get out that Now That’s What I Call Christmas CD and get dancing around your flat/house/workplace like a lunatic.


Light a few candles

There’s nothing like a few winter spiced candles to really get you in the mood for Christmas so why not try out a few. I love the Root Candles range and I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of festive scents to really get you in the mood.



Put up some decorations..or even more decorations

Our housemate and best friend Sean surprised me on Friday evening after getting in from work. He’d only gone and transformed our flat into a festive frenzy, there was even a real tree! There’s nothing worse than a bare room with no festiveness inside so go out and buy some Christmas decor. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what you can find that’s good value for money.


Wrap your presents early

Buying Christmas presents early is a challenge for most but if you’re lucky enough to have brought all your presents then put aside an evening where you can wrap your presents up. You could even get creative by wrapping your presents in a certain theme. I also like wrapping my presents with either Christmas music or a festive movie playing in the background.


Festive decorations on stairs

Drink or eat something you only eat during Christmas

I’ve mentioned that I do love a good Bailey’s around Christmas and it’s the only time I ever drink it. If you have a certain food or drink you only consume during the festive period, then crack it open and get eating/drinking!


Go to a Christmas market

You’ll be surprised at what goes on around your local area during December. I got a newsletter the other day that had a whole month’s worth of activities and events that happening in and around our town, such as the festive light switch on and various Christmas markets. Christmas markets are always great to go along to, especially if they’re giving out mulled wine or cooking up some festive treats to sample!

Festive shrubbery

Buy yourself a festive onesie or pyjamas

Now I always find this gets me into the Christmas mood. I’ve had plenty of onesies and Christmas pyjamas in the past. My go to pyjamas this year are a ‘Dear Santa I Can Explain‘ slogan’d long sleeved top and red tartan bottoms. I finish this off with a pair of red and white slippers and hey presto, I instantly feel Christmassy.


Watch a Christmas film or two…or three

Christmas films are a must during December and I have some favourites that I always watch. Home Alone (all of them), The Grinch and Jingle All The Way are just a few. If you can’t stand the thought of listening to another Christmas song, try out a festive film with some nibbles either on your own or with friends/family.

Tinsel on wall

Throw a spontaneous Christmas get together

Throwing a Christmas party can always get you feeling festive as it means spending time with those you love. It’s also a good excuse to throw a buffet or if you’re feeling brave, cooking a Christmas dinner for your guests. Crack out the festive party games and say goodbye to your inner scrooge.

And if all that fails? WEAR A CHRISTMAS JUMPER!

The tackier the better! Novelty Christmas jumpers are now considered cool and the more outrageous and fashionably awful it is, the more you’ll want to shout ‘IT’S CHRRRRRRRRRISSSSTTTTMMMASSSSSSS!’ out the nearest window.

Are you in the mood for Christmas?! Let me know in the comments below.



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