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I certainly got a few looks when reading this little book on London’s transport. It’s a novel best for the young ones as there’s not too many words on one page, the writing is simplified for the audience and there’s plenty of pictures and creative designs on each page.

Clara Vulliamy is both the author and illustrator of the book. Talk about being creatively multi-talented?! It follows her adventures at school along with her trusty sidekick McClusky. Her funny personality, along with her full curiosity, means it’s a character that children can completely relate to.

Serena Mazin, age 8 – ‘It is a super book about solving mysteries. It is a quick read with fun sketches of Dot and of course her faithful friend a dog called McCluskey.’

Evie Meredith, age 6 – ‘I would give this 10/10! The book is about a girl called Dotty and she moves house and find things are missing.’

Bethany McNeil, age 8 – ‘Dotty Detective was a great book. I liked how the words were written in different styles and how the pictures were created…It’s an amazing book to read!’

Aminah Kauser, age 10 – ‘A quick and easy read that I enjoyed so much.’

Mia Schader, age 9 – ‘If you like solving crimes and being a detective you will love this book, it’s funny too!’

Cassandra Butler, age 6 – ‘This book was amazing and I really enjoyed it. Dotty has just moved and has to start at a new school as the new kid, but makes friends with Ben (Beans) and they become detectives!’

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I loved the book itself and I would have loved it even more if it had come out around my childhood. I think it’s great to have a bold and creative female character imitating a strong job role as it inspires those who read it, to really go for what they want. This is perfect for kids aged 5-10 and you can purchase the book on Amazon for £5.99 here and it’s £3.99 for the Kindle version.

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product for my own honest opinion.

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