Highs & Lows | Week 17

This week was all about family and it was my eldest brother’s 21st birthday. I can’t actually believe that one of my siblings is already 21. It’s SO SCARY.

We celebrated his birthday with family and friends at a local pub in our hometown. It was a great night and as my brother was heading over to Amsterdam for the weekend, it was a good send off!

Redman Family

Highs ↑

Ashley turns 21

I can’t believe one of my baby brothers is now an adult. I’ve realised that time goes by so quickly and I have to savour every moment I get with my family because of living in London. I have a very close bond with my family and I’m forever grateful for the support they have given me over the years. I hope Ashley enjoyed his birthday!

Shopping Till Dropping

I went to Stratford on Saturday to spend some of my hard-earned blogging cash on some new clothes. I actually prefer Westfields Stratford to Oxford Street because there’s a lot more shops there and it isn’t so crowded. I ended up spending a little over £100 which I was actually pleasantly surprised by. With plenty of Summer sales on, I managed to get some bargains!

Lows ↓

Weekends are too short

Why are the weekends so short?! The past few weekends have gone by so quickly and I think it’s because I’m desperately due a Summer holiday. With our holiday not really scheduled until October, I’m getting the itch!

Missing Sam

So Sam has been up in Edinburgh this week for the Fringe Festival. I’ve always wanted to go and I think I’ll definitely be going next year. It’s certainly been difficult not seeing him for 4-5 days particularly when we have lived together for so long.

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below!