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Nutribuddy is a product that’s being used by so many individuals and celebrities currently and I had to jump on the fitness band wagon. Nutribuddy sent me their fitness kit which costs £25.00. With this bundle you get a Nutribuddy Shaker Bottle, a big pack of Sculpting Whey, Hunger Fix tablets and some Multivitamins. You also get some super awesome recipe and weight loss books which talk you through the brand, what each product does and the benefits. The shakes in the recipe book are what really inspired me to get creative so I nipped to my local supermarket to buy ingredients to try out the Mixed Berry Shake and the Strawberry and Avocado shake!

The ingredients are simple and not too fussy. There’s been times where I’ve looked at ingredients to shakes and they’re asking for products that you’re simply not going to find in a general supermarket. Nutribuddy’s however is much more workable. The shakes include 30g of the daily recommended amount of the sculpting whey. I think this vanilla flavoured powder is what adds a bit more flavour and body to the shake and of course it’s great to have it either before or after a workout.

 And hey presto, look at these gorgeous shakes. I absolutely love the natural colouring these shakes have and they taste SO good. I’ve saved the Mixed Berry shake for my partner but I devoured the Strawberry and Avocado shake! I think Avocado is such a beautiful food product that contains all the good fats for your body. I chose to make this shake because it’s mixed fruit and avocado together, which I thought weird but avocado does go with pretty much anything. The shakes are thick but can be watered down by using more milk. I used half an avocado than just a 1/4 which I think was because I’d used too many strawberries. By adding more avocado, the shake turned more green than pink.

Why don’t you try out the Nutribuddy range yourself?! Check out their products here and let me know what shakes you make!

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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