Dreamboys – Hold Onto Your Pants!

Aside from the crude title of this blog, I can assure you that this review is of the highest professional standard and in no way, did the appearance of a certain male body and copious amounts of red wine alter my opinion of this show…


OH HOT DANG…cover your eyes y’all!


Imagine yourself in The Orchard Theatre in Dartford (in the UK for all those across the seas) and you enter the theatre to an audience full of women and I mean FULL. This show was indeed sold out and it was so weird to see a female only audience arriving through the doors of the auditorium. The only downside I found with The Orchard Theatre was the lack of bar staff added on for the event. I actually don’t think they expected the audience to be so alcohol hungry but I think this show is sort of considered as a night out, it’s an excuse to get well and truly tipsy or in some individual’s cases…completely trollied.



Now I kid you not, as soon as the music started, something took over these women. These women who just five minutes ago were giggling with excitement and anticipation, sipping (or chugging) glasses of wine, prosecco etc suddenly turned into screaming banshees. Myself and Laura who came with me (and has been my best friend since we were in nappies – seriously we’ve done every education level together too, primary school, high school, college and part university), looked at each other in disbelief. It was like we’d been transported into a Justin Bieber concert where hormonal teenage kids screamed as if they were possessed. But let me tell you  this my friends…myself and Laura were soon screaming too.

As the curtains rose, the dance music burst in and the lights went crazy, we were all practically screaming our lungs out….for no apparent reason whatsoever. I mean, there was one guy on stage in a cloak.


What the hell was wrong with us? Anyway, this was short lived as the dancer than revealed his topless physique to a very hungry female audience and I mean, what can I say the rest is a blur of washboard abs, squirty cream and big…performances!


My favourite (and yes I have a favourite, sorry Sam) was Lotan. Lotan is actually a fashion/lifestyle blogger himself.

I mean…I literally can’t even deal with this.

He is literally perfection. Enough said.


Laura also had a favourite who I thought looked a little like a young version of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who you might remember from playing Zack Morris in Saved By The Bell.


Anyway, I urge you to go and see this incredible, talented group of performers if they do come to a theatre near you. They are worth every single penny and more. Also make sure you get a calendar as that means you get to see them afterwards. WINNING!


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