Living with a smoker without starting a health war

I have to be honest that Sean is probably one of the most polite smokers to live with because our flat doesn’t smell of smoke and he always provides us with the courtesy of smoking outside of the flat. I’ve seen plenty of people during my university days who would smoke inside the house by casually leaning themselves out the window which does very little in stopping the smoke going back into the property. Guest blogger Alex Williams provides some insight on how you can tackle some problems that may arise due to someone in your house/flat being a smoker. Unfortunately not all of you are as lucky to have such considerate housemates…


According to statistics from 2014, nearly 20% of worldwide population smokes cigarettes. So, basically, chances are that you are a smoker, as well. If you live with a smoker, but you are not one yourself and you are concerned about the effects of second-hand smoking, there are some changes you can make in your home. These changes will help you purify the air and avoid negative effects second-hand smoking can have on your health, but you have to be patient. 

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Telling a smoker to quit smoking might seem like a good idea to you, but you will start a war. If you have already decided to live together it means you have to compromise. Openly talk about what bothers you – that you are concerned about the health of both of you and see what can be done. You can even make an arrangement and ban smoking inside the house; but this might not be as convenient during the colder seasons. If that is the situation, you can devote one room in your home where smoking is actually allowed. This could be an extra room you have but don’t use, or if you have a closed patio your beloved smoker can make use of it. Additionally, you can use pads and seals on the doors and windows of the smoking area and prevent the smoke from entering the rest of the house. 


Air purifiers and vents

Sometimes, technology can help you get rid of the smoke and smells present in your home. There are plenty of air purifiers that can filter the air and prevent the smoke from getting from one room into the other. Also, properly working vents will do the same and save you the trouble from airing your home in the middle of winter with an open window. You can choose from vast variety of air purifiers, including electronic air cleaners, ionizers, mechanical air filters and ozone generators. Most of them function on the same principles, i.e. they trap the odor molecules in filters or remove them from air with static electricity. Since the models and prices can vary, it is the best to consult the air purifier reviews and find one that fits your needs. 


Add indoor plants

Plants are well known air purifiers and they should be present in your home. Their additional purpose can be decoration, and while they are breathing life into your room, they can filter the air and decrease the amount of smoke inside. Some of the best natural air purifiers are spider plants, Dracaenas, bamboo palms, etc. Not only will these purify the air and look stunning in your living rooms, but they are easy to take care of and are mostly non-toxic. Another way to make use of plants is to use their oils. Many essential oils made of tea trees, mint and eucalyptus are well-known air purifiers and they will make your home smell fresh and

healthy. Pour a few drops on a cloth or a tissue, or even put them in small bowls, place them in front of the fan and your home will never smell of cigarettes again. 


Stop the smell from entering your clothes


Apart from second-hand smoking, odor is the second most hated thing about the smokers. Living with a smoker often means that your clothes will smell of cigarettes, which is not pleasant; especially if you are a nonsmoker. However, there are ways of preventing the smoke from getting into the fabrics. It all comes down to purifying the air in the rooms. As already mentioned, you can use the help of the air purifiers and plants, but there are some harmless chemicals that can help you as well. White vinegar is capable of breaking down any malodors on a molecular level and it is especially effective when it comes to tobacco smoke. Just pour the liquid in several smaller bowls, place them around the room and let them evaporate. Another useful chemical is baking soda. You simply have to crack open the box and let it absorb all the smoke in the air. After these two have filtered the air, your clothes will never smell again. For some people, smoking is a deal-breaker. However, if you chose to overlook that fact, but still want to keep your home fresh and airy, consider some of these simple solutions. Another possibility is gently talking to your significant other about quitting, but remember to respect them and their decisions. It is all about compromising.

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