The Rise and Fall of a Social Network

I’m always going on about how much my blog has given me since I started daily blogging over a year ago. It’s still very weird to get contacted to collaborate with people on various projects and I’m just so grateful!


I only say yes to collaborations now though if I genuinely feel that it’s something you will enjoy, as my readers are most important. That and being able to use my creative juices to create some awesome content on my little space on the Internet.

Book cover

When Dane Cobain got in touch, one of the main reasons I said yes was because he’s a self-published author and not only do I love reading but I also have great respect for those who work hard and this guy is definitely one talented writer. The Rise and Fall of a Social Network speaks volumes in our current society where social media go hand in hand with our daily activities. Imagine a social network though where the dead remain alive. Confused?

The network works a bit like Facebook, you write information about yourself and any inner thoughts you have that are kept private until you die. This is exactly what is and Dan Roberts is the latest to join the start-up company in taking it to the next level. What I love about this story is that it’s pretty close to the truth.  A quick search on Google tells me that since Facebook was conceived, they predict around 10-20 million people who created a Facebook profile have died. How morbid is that?! So this novel is definitely not as far-fetched as it seems. It also reminded me of the Black Mirror series on Netflix. For those who don’t know about this series, I highly recommend you give one or two of them a watch. This novel could easily be a film version of this series as it’s looking at social media from an extreme perspective.

What I liked…

The whole story flows very effortlessly and at no point did I think that it was going off on a tangent or that I was starting to lose interest. The character of Dan doesn’t really have any strong motivations but I believe this is to focus more on the actual theme/plot of the novel. I also love how Cobain kept me questioning and thinking up until the very end.

What I didn’t like…

The climactic ending wasn’t as final and thrilling as I would have hoped it to be. It wasn’t disappointing but I would have preferred a little something else to the final few pages.

I think it’s extremely important to encourage writers like Dane Cobain as it’s now becoming possible to get your stories heard a lot more easily than before, whether that be through a blog, e-books etc. If you’d like to give it a read you can get it on Kindle for £2.66 or the paperback version for £7.57. Dane is an independent poet, musician, storyteller with a passion for language and learning. You can find more about him here and follow him on Twitter here.


Disclaimer – I was sent this book to review and in return, give my own honest opinion.