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Owning our first home, I knew we wouldn’t get everything we wanted and that with still living in London, actual square space would be limited. Our bathroom is pretty spacious but it is on the smaller side. Through Pinterest and other platforms, I’ve thought of a few decor tips to help with smaller spaces. Pinterest is dangerous because I could literally spend hours on it, pinning obsessively.

BathroomThese are just a few suggestions but there’s plenty of ways that you can transform your space to suit your style. As time in our first property goes by, all our spaces are transforming and it’s SO EXCITING. Expect to see a lot more from my home next year once I’ve furnished it completely as I really want to show it off.



Tiling helps make the space feel a little bigger by tricking your eye. If you tile your bath and the wall behind the bath, it makes the room feel bigger because it’s hard to find where each begins. The styles for tiling are endless but I do love the patterned Victorian bathroom tiles because I am all about the vintage feels.

We have black and beige tiles in our bathroom which is a lovely contrast but probably having the bath tiled would have made it feel a little bigger. It’s a good thing to consider for the future.


Tall Tiered Storage

When you have little space, you don’t have the luxury of big bathroom storage so instead, going with something that has height won’t take up as much space. Tall, wired storage units are great for storing all the odds and sods that end up lying on the bathroom windowsill. 

They’re very popular at the moment so you’ll find plenty of them in the main high street stores. A few of my favourites include this Metal Wire Caddy from Matalan that’s perfect for hanging off a door and the Keepers Lodge Bath Caddy from Dunelm.


Big Mirrors

We were very fortunate that everything in our flat was already new and recently installed. One of the big perks in our bathroom is the ma-hoosive mirror that we have placed just above our bathroom shelf and it opens up the space greatly by giving the illusion of it being double the size. Obviously it isn’t but with us having no bathroom window, it stops it feeling claustrophobic.


Little Accessories

The smaller accessories can make a big difference. I have a little trinket bowl on the bathroom shelf that keeps all my jewellery etc and I’m planning on getting a medium sized storage basket for toilet rolls to go into. 

These small accessories can make such a difference for clearing up the space and making it appear more spacious. As we have limited floor space, utilising the space with smaller storage is crucial and avoiding it feeling cramped.

What’s your bathroom space like? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.

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