AW16 Overcoat – New Look

I love the area where we live. It’s right on the high street and a stone’s throw away from a gorgeous little park. Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the flat at the weekend instead of staying in, so me and Sam wrapped ourselves up and went for a little walk around town. (It was also a chance for me to show you my new coat!)

Woman walking in street

Our high street has a wonderful selection of coffee shop, cafes and pubs, so we’re never in trouble if we need a shot of caffeine to warm ourselves up. Just take a look at this rustic cafe with it’s wall of vintage pictures and light shades made out of metal buckets. #sofetch

Selection of photo frames

Lights in cafe

 I’d also just like to point out that most of these photos were taken by my partner Sam, who was initially nervous to be my photographer for this little shoot but managed to take some incredible photos that I just love. My favourite moment was when he squatted down to get a picture of my boots – what a guy! Now if you haven’t noticed already on my blog, I DO NOT like the weather during Winter. I am a hermit for the warmth and I’m the type of person to want the heating turned up in an already warm room. Therefore, I wanted to invest in a good coat that would protect me from the harsh weather that I’m sure will rear it’s ugly head more this December.

Natalie smiling

walking individually

This season’s coat is a stunner even if I do say so myself. It’s from my favourite high street store New Look, and it’s made out of a beautiful wool fabric. Before I found this one, I’d actually found the perfect one in M&S here. Unfortunately though the material was made out of that fabric that itches like hell and although it looked flawless on my figure, it certainly would have ended up giving me the worst skin rash. Ain’t nobody got time for that! This grey belted longline coat was £29.99 and was half the price of the itchy coat from M&S. Trust me to find a bargain…

Close up of coat

Close up of boots

The coat is very flattering and can be worn two ways with the belt tied or loose. With the belt tied, it creates a cinched waist and adds a bit more shape to the coat. With the belt loose, it allows the wearer to show off the outfit underneath and it also gives opportunity to layer, perhaps with a long scarf draped down. The coat is super cosy and warm and I love wearing it. The only downside to this coat is that it is a little heavy so lugging it around the underground when it gets too warm can be a bit of a pain. However, the quality of the coat is very high so I sort of expected it to have a little weight to it.

full length view of coat

I knew I wanted this style of coat after reading numerous blog posts on the latest A/W16 fashion trends and I’m sure this is a coat that will remain in my wardrobe for a long time. Thanks New Look!

What is your winter coat this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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