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Ever since I got my hair lobbed off for charity, I’ve kind of let my hair go a little. I think it’s because it was a lot shorter and therefore I didn’t really have to bother with it. I did a cheeky dip dye last Summer and then reverted back to my normal colour just before my engagement party in January of this year. I’ve since got a few new hair products and tools that I’ve been using recently so wanted to share these with you.


Hair Conditioners And Hair Masks

I’ve been paying close attention to what hair conditioner I’m using as a few brands haven’t been giving me the nourishment that I need. I’ve also started delving into the world of hair masks and have found that the one I’ve been using has been great because my hair feels really nourished but it actually leaves my hair feeling a little heavy. I’m looking into trying out a few brands including Kérastase’s Masque Chromatique and I’ve spotted a lot of bloggers mentioning Ouai.


Premium Styling Dock

I tend to sometimes receive products that will work really well but they tend to last a few weeks before I just stop and forget about them. The Premium Styling Dock, which I’ve mentioned on my blog previously, has actually been so useful for storing away my hair tools. It looks the part too and it’s a piece of storage that will definitely take pride of place on my vanity table when I move house.


New GHD’s

On the topic of hair tools, my new GHD’s are becoming the go-to option when I want to give my hair a more glamorous feel. I’ve always wanted some GHD’s and I’m glad my mum gifted me the Max Styler which comes with a wider paddle than the other styler’s, meaning I can straighten my hair a lot quicker because I can pick more hair up. Also I’m totally living for the black and gold design. I feel a trend coming on…


Tangle Teezer

Every time I misplace this and have to use another one of my hair brushes, I grimace. Nothing will quite compare to the kindness of the Tangle Teezer on my hair. It’s the best £10 I’ve ever spent on a hair brush, having bought it from Stylist Live probably around two years ago. I unfortunately lost the smaller travel compact version that I also got on that day so I think I’m going to get another one soon.


Anti-Frizz Sprays & Hair Oil

I got sent a few hair products to review a while back and I’m really loving their anti-frizz range. I’ve noticed a big difference in how soft and frizz free my hair is and the use of hair oils has really made my hair less brittle. The hair oil isn’t too heavy and gives my hair a shine like I’ve just come out of the hair salon.

What hair tools and hair products are you using at the moment? Let me know your recommendations in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with L’Occitane. All words are my own.


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