Monthly Roundup – December ’16

Hello to 2017 but let’s not forget how much of a stinker December was for the ol’ celebrities! I cannot believe how many incredible and iconic people that lost their lives over the festive period. From George Michael to Carrie Fisher, lets wish their families all the best for 2017 and that those no longer with us, are given a good send off. Reflecting back on December for me was pretty much a bit of blur. Things were winding down towards the end and now as I prepare myself for the year ahead, I’m excited to see what’s in store. But first, let’s take a look at the stuff I got up to in December ’16!

I actually did blogmas better…

makeup palette

I’m pretty happy with the way blogmas panned out on my blog this year. Last year didn’t really transpire into much but this year’s blogmas has turned out to be a month I’ve been proud of. I’ve done everything from beauty reviews to even creating my own lip and facial scrubs from scratch. Give yourself a pat on the back Natalie!

Me and Sam went for plenty of Sunday walks…

Sam and myself walking

For various reasons, myself and Sam went on some nice long walks to another town and back for Christmas presents and picking up various items for our flat. I loved this and we even managed to have a mini photoshoot to show off my new overcoat on my blog. A round of applause goes to the boyfriend for taking some great photos!

Celebrating Sorbet’s 1st Birthday In Crouch End…

Sorbet Salon

It’s great to actually stay connected with some of the brands I work with (hopefully as it means I’m doing a good job!). I was invited along to Sorbet’s 1st Birthday celebrations in their Crouch End branch and finally got to meet Samantha who has been the liaison between myself and Sorbet Salons. It was a lovely evening and really got me in the festive mood for Christmas!

We got festive with Biscuiteers…


One of my friends works at the now quite famous Biscuiteers which is an independent shop selling bespoke, handcrafted biscuits that just look and taste the bees knees. We went along to ice some biscuits and I’ve never felt so Christmassy. We all came away with our bellies full of sugared biscuits and even a few to take home with us!

The traditional Redman Christmas happened…

Dear Santa Pyjamas

I always find the build up to Christmas to take so long and then once the week of festive-ness is upon us, it races through in a blur of alcohol and food – lots and lots of food! Take a look at my snapshots of Christmas which I felt for me was just a small insight into our day as a family (and it was the best I could do with the crappy lens I have at the moment).

And now to kickstart that 2017 bucket list into action. Let’s see what we have ticked off so far!

2017 Bucket List

1. Reach a million views on my blog. (112,373/1,000,000)

2. Read 30 books.

3. Buy 5 new things for our bedroom.

4. Do some DIY.

5. Start the Help To Buy Scheme.

6. Attend 5 drama classes.

7. Attend 5 dance classes.

8. Budget my money better.

9. Get recording on my YouTube Channel.

10. Buy a new camera/lens.

11. Get up earlier in the morning.

12. Visit the dentist more often.

13. Face a fear.

14. Turn my blogging hobby into a career.

15. Get a contacts/address book for remembering important details.

16. Find out from the doctors what I’m intolerant to.

17. Do more ab workouts on a weekly basis.

18. Campaign for something I believe in/Work for a charity.

19. Exercise every day.

20. Go charity shopping and find something incredible.

21. Go sober for a month.

22. Reach 1,000 Twitter followers. (629/1,000)

23. Begin learning a new language.

24. Be able to do the splits again.

25. Take singing lessons. Took my first one on the 5th!

26. Start singing again on YouTube.

27. Try going veggie for a month.

28. Bring my brother down to London for a weekend.

29. Travel to Brighton.

30. Do more freelance blogging.

31. Do more baking.

32. Stop biting my nails.

33. Keep my bedroom tidy – Yes, I’m still a messy child.

34. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers. (807/1,000)

35. Apply to Drama School.

36. Do more travelling.

37. See my family more.

38. Go to a concert.

39. Do something selfless.

40. Give myself more self-care.

41. Get more acting jobs whilst working.

42. Go to Madame Tussauds (yes it’s lame but I want to go!)

43. Go somewhere super romantic.

44. Start writing a novel.

45. Visit 10 new places in London.

46. Take more fashion photography.

47. Go on more casual walks at the weekend.

48. Watch all the series I’ve wanted to watch on Netflix – there’s a lot.

49. Buy all Christmas presents throughout the year.

50. Make 2017 better than 2016!

Looks like 2017 is already off to a good start. How about yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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