Snapshots Of Christmas

Christmas Day passed by in a blur of scrumptious food with loved ones, the traditional family game and lots and lots of alcohol. Christmas for me is no longer about the presents, it’s more to do with the time you spend with loved ones because sadly life is precious and we have to appreciate those around us who love us. These are just a few snapshots from our Christmas Day.

Christmas Day Makeup

Dear Santa Pyjama Top

As I’d mentioned in my blog the other day, I went with my Christmas Day makeup which was all about the shimmer and red lips. I also wore my ‘Dear Santa I Can Explain…‘ pyjama set. We woke up at around 8.30am which is now considered a lie in compared to previous years when Alfie was still young enough to believe in Santa. As my grandparents alternate between us and our Auntie’s for Christmas dinner/tea, it was just the five of us for the dinner and then they came later on for the buffet tea.

Christmas tree bauble

Table laid out

Window decorations

Mum and brother

We visited our next door neighbours and watched their kids open the remainder of their presents, some of which were an updated version of what I used to get as a kid. Who knew that Furbies for example, had become so technologically advanced?! After the visit, we sat down to eat the iconic Christmas Dinner and like always, it didn’t disappoint.


Christmas Dinner

I mean look at how beautiful this looks?! I think most people look forward to the pigs in blanket and I do love the massive amount of stuffing I tend to load on my plate. YUM.

Did you have a lovely Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

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