How To Break Bad Habits

I’ve made the same resolution for about five years now and that’s been to stop biting my nails completely. I don’t just bite the nails but also the skin around the nails which has probably caused some long lasting damage already. However, whenever I manage to grow them (normally when I go away on holiday) they do look so beautiful and it’s then nice to get them pampered with a manicure or simply painted. So this blog post sort of comes as a motivation for myself but for you if you happen to have a bad habit that you want to shift. Let’s get rid of them together eh?!

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Figure out the cause of the habit

The cause of the habit may come from a number of problems, so for example my nail biting comes from boredom, nerves and stress. Unfortunately life does bring these issues on a lot so it’s a bit of a hard one to avoid. However, sourcing the cause of your habit is the first step to tackling it.

Take baby steps

Don’t rush into this. Normally a habit is a long-term problem and simply going cold turkey won’t help you in the long run. There’s a talented few who are able to do this but for most of us, it can be a constant struggle. Set a goal and work towards it. Start off by breaking the habit for a few days and then reward yourself in some way, whether that’s simply a bit of pampering or treating yourself to something new. Rewards always make you feel good and will encourage you to go for longer next time.

Find an alternative

Not an alternative habit but once you’ve found the cause of the habit, you can then take the necessary action of avoiding the cause. For me, the habit is going all out cannibal on my hands so perhaps a stress ball or just holding something when I feel the urge to bite my hands will help. I’ve tried the horrible tasting nail treatment but that didn’t stop me sadly. It’s all about trial and error and what works for you.

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Seeking medical help might be an option

Hypnotherapy has been used in the past by people I know who once were full-time smokers, went in for one session of hypnosis and haven’t smoked since. Do some research to see if the habit you have could be fixed through hypnotherapy. It may take one session or perhaps more but it’s an option for you if it’s possible.

Speak to others who have the same habit

Speaking to others who have the same habit as you, may give you that motivation you need to finally break it. Especially if they no longer have that habit, they could probably give you some advice on what steps they took to get rid of it.

Do you have a bad habit? Let me know in the comments below!

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