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2017 is certainly going to be the year for me that I try out more beauty products. Since finding a love for all things makeup and skincare related, I’ve noticed subtle improvements to my skin although I’m still breaking out crazily at the moment. It’s very much typical for your skin to constantly change the way it is whether that’s oily, dry, sensitive etc as your body changes and so does your lifestyle and the environment you’re in.

When Misfit Cosmetics got in touch I was quick to chase them up on Instagram and found that they had some of my favourite reality television stars featuring their products, especially the Geordie Shore clan (yes I love Geordie Shore – the show is hilarious). So partly saying yes to this brand was due to myself potentially be featured alongside the likes of Holly Hagan from GS. However I was more excited to try out their products, especially the teeth whitening powder!

three products from Misfit Cosmetics

Misfit Cosmetics are fairly new to the beauty industry and therefore want to bring natural and environmentally friendly products that aim to boost the customer’s confidence. They sent me all three of their products which I thought was extremely gracious of them. 

Slumber Natural Sleep Oil£7.99

I’m not a newbie when it comes to essential oils, but I don’t yet own an oil that’s lavender based. I’ve had a few sleepless nights where I’ve struggled to relax and wind down because there’s been so much on my mind. At the moment I’ve been using a hypnotherapy app to fall asleep (highly recommend it!) but I’m looking forward to using a more natural approach without the need to fall asleep with my phone on my chest.

Shine Teeth Whitening Powder£14.99

Oh gosh, words can’t describe how much I’ve been wanting to try a teeth whitening product. Ever since the hype of the Cocowhite, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a product that will finally rid me of my coffee stained teeth! This product is made up of a fine black powder, completely natural that promises to rid you of stains and provide you with Instagram-worthy gnashers. I can’t wait to see the results and I’m hoping that it meets my high expectations!

Blackhead Extraction Paste£18.99

Said to be an extremely powerful peel-off mask, this is the product that features heavily on Misfits Instagram feed. I’m not too sure how effective this is going to be for my sensitive skin so I’ll be certainly doing a patch test on the less sensitive areas of my face first before daring to cover more.

Have you heard of Misfits Cosmetics before? Would you try these products? Let me know in the comments below.

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