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I realised the other day that I’d signed up to so many PR companies/brand collaboration sites that I thought I could share the knowledge of which have actually proved quite beneficial. I think this is so useful to have as there’s so many out there, it’s great to get an idea if you’re a blogger, of which ones get you work!

Bloggers Required – Join here

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This has been my holy grail to source brand collaborations since I started blogging. With a mere hundred or so views on my blog, I never expected to get the amount of brand work when I applied to the first few campaigns on their site. The site is free to use, you can connect with a growing collection of influencers which has massively increased since I joined. They never used to have an option of even having a profile which they have now implemented. You not only get access to branded work but there’s regular competitions/giveaways posted up along with helpful tips and blog posts for growing your blog.

The Blogger Programme – Join here

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This is one that’s pretty hit and miss with me at the moment. It’s more useful once you’ve become more established as a blogger and is more reliant on having a bigger social following. However, it’s definitely worth signing up to as you can certainly find a few gems in there if you do have a smaller following.

Tomoson – Join here

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Tomoson is a mixed bag, a bit like shopping in a charity shop. You can find some true gems amongst all the poop. It’s the same with Tomoson in that you’ll find some really pointless stuff but there’s also some great products available to review. The products are separated into paid sponsorship, discounted products and freebies. 

The Big Shot – Drop them an email here

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The Big Shot has been a great PR company to collaborate on books with. As a bookworm, a free book to review is my idea of collaboration heaven so make sure you get in touch with these guys. With PR companies it’s always best to e-mail along your Media Kit. A media kit will include all your latest social statistics, a bio to introduce yourself and perhaps some brands you’ve worked with in the past.

Buzzoole – Join here

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Buzzoole is one for those who love Amazon (god yes) as that’s how they pay their influencers. This company is actually set up in Italy but it’s a global brand collaborating website. Since I joined I think I’ve accumulated around £200 in Amazon vouchers.

Type the Hype

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Type the Hype is a fairly new platform that I’ve joined. However, I’ve already had a couple of collaborations from them. They work with a variety of brands but only post maybe 1 or 2 opportunities a week. I’ve not had any paid collaborations from them yet but I think as they might be fairly new, this is something that might not be available until they start working with bigger clients.

Affiliate Marketing

Probably one for another blog post (and when I’ve got a better understanding of it) but affiliate marketing is another great way of boosting your income through ad banners and links. Some of the ones I’m currently using are Affiliate Window and Webgains. There’s plenty of videos and helpful guides to understanding Affiliate Marketing on both these websites and online.

There’s so many opportunities out there just waiting to be grabbed and I think the number one rule is to go out and find them, rather than wait for them to come to you. Make sure you get in touch with as many PR companies as possible as more and more businesses nowadays are looking for PR work that reaches out to bloggers as a main source of advertising.

Have you found any websites/platforms more useful than others? Let me know in the comments below.

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