SunLit Life Shiatsu Massager

I find it hard to put aside the time or money to pamper myself more often, even if it’s as simple as getting my eyebrows waxed or having a back massage. I also think I’m not the only one in this boat especially when self-care is pretty much being preached from the online streets of the blogosphere at the moment.

Introducing the clunky self massager. Now you may have already seen alternative versions of this from foot spas to massage chairs. I got sent this to test out and it conveniently arrived the day my mum came down to London. So clearly I had to get it on charge to test it out on my mum the guinea pig! (figure of speech obvs)

Massager on shoulders

The massager has simple functions but what makes this special, is it’s versatility in being able to work on all parts of the body. RESULT!

The massager is cordless and charges via the rechargeable battery integrated in the device. It has a simple on and off button, a button for the rotation of the massage heads and the option of heat.

Massage rotating heads

The massage heads feel like magic hands of a real masseuse, digging down into those hard to reach places that you never knew existed. My mum absolutely loved it and found it worked wonders on her neck. I also found it extremely beneficial on and around my shoulders as this is somewhere I usually get loads of tension and knots.

Visually, the massager isn’t the most attractive piece of equipment and not is it the slimmest. However the main function of this is to provide an opportunity to self massage, especially when you have a partner who can’t massage for toffee. #wecantallbeperfect

Massager over the shoulder

The only one downside to this product is it’s heat option. It seems to be pretty much the same with other customers, in that the heat is pretty much non-existent. Some have said it takes 45 minutes to warm up but I’ve not really felt a massive difference. You can buy the Sunlit Life Shiatsu Massager from Amazon for £69.00.

*Disclaimer – I was sent this product for free but was in no way required to promote it on my blog.

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