When Sam first mentioned Tossed, I couldn’t help but laugh. Only a place like London would have a salad bar with an innuendo like that. And guess what? All the staff are Tossers. 

No I’m not being insensitive, they’re job titles are literally labelled as Tossers. I mean it’s genius. Pure genius.

shop front

Tossed is on a mission to put the fun back into healthy eating and that my friends is certainly not an easy feat. The concept was started by a guy named Vincent over in the USA back in 2004. After travelling around for inspiration, he set up shop in Paddington in April 2005 because he sure knows that the UK have more chance of jumping on the health bandwagon…

So my partner has been raving about this store since late last year and as a Christmas present I managed to snag ten free salads courtesy of Tossed. Funnily enough I did ask if they did gift cards and surprise surprise – they didn’t. I’d also brought Sam a new satchel bag for Christmas and the free salads was the present he got more excited about. #madaboutsalad

Salad boxes

Salad bar

We visited the store one lunchtime whilst both myself and Sam were on our breaks. Tossed currently have 14 stores in total which is amazing and we have one just close by on St Martin’s Lane near Leicester Square.

The store was already bustling with lunchtime commuters by the time we got there and Sam quickly talked me through the process of ordering one of the salads. It’s a simple method of picking the type of base which could be lettuce, mixed lettuce, kale and spinach etc. You then pick what you’d like to go into it which can be picked off the board or the array of deliciousness they have on display.

Inside shop

The salads are fairly priced considering it’s London and the average salad costs around £5-£6. There are of course other options such as wraps, hot pots and egg based dishes.

I had a chicken, bacon and avocado salad and it was delicious. Full of flavour and I actually ate it all which is a rarity when it comes to salads.

Girl standing outside shop

Make sure you check out their menu here to see what’s on offer and when you are next in the London area, give them a try!

Have you tried Tossed before? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted free salad vouchers but was not expected to write a blog post.

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