Off The Grid – What I’d Miss

Have you ever thought, jeez we as a human race have come a long way?! Since entering this world, I’ve seen the birth of the internet, the technological advances of gaming and filming and much, much more. Living in London and just being the position where I have food in my belly and a roof over my head is unfortunately not a staple of what every single person in this world has, so here’s a few things I’d miss if I lived ‘off the grid‘.



I think the basics such as business gas, electric and water are something that we definitely take for granted. I really do hate being cold so knowing I have the luxury of instant heating is something I’d miss if I suddenly found myself living in a place with none of these amenities. 


Living in London has opened me up to so much cultural cuisine that I’d find it lacking if I lived anywhere else in the UK. You can get so much in this city that you’ll never struggle to find something different.


Health Services

Another thing that British people tend to forget about is that we do have a very good health service, much better than most other countries. Without it, paying for health care would be so expensive and having no access to it would be detrimental to life itself.


London has everything when it comes to transport. You can grab a taxi within minutes, can hop on the train or underground and get from one end to the city to the other in no time. Even now though where I go somewhere I can’t get an Uber in, well it makes me feel a little out of touch. Scary right?! I think it’s probably because I can’t drive a car yet…



If someone took away all my technology, I’d be sad to say this but I’d be pretty bored without it. Everything from blogging, communicating with friends and family and entertainment comes from technology and electrical products in general. I suppose without it though, I’d be able to see a lot more of the world around me, which isn’t so bad when you think about it.


If I lived in the middle of nowhere and with absolutely no contact with the rest of civilisation, I’d go crazy. I love being alone and having my own space but after a while, having no contact with other people can send you a little mad. We need human contact to function, to feel loved and to give love. I’d miss my friends, my family and yes even that one person who insists on walking slowly down the left hand side of an escalator on the morning London commute.

I know these are pretty much the basics of every day life but unfortunately my situation is not the same situation for everyone else.

What would you miss if you found yourself living off the grid? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. However all words are my own.