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I recently got my hands on a Michael Kors bag and it’s something that I’ve been wanting for years. Call me materialistic but I like treating myself because I work hard. Blogging itself is like a full-time job so if I want to reward myself..I’m going to get myself a designer bag. OD’s Designer Clothing offers a range of designer brands all in one place, so that’s all my money gone.

OD Designer Clothing

And yes I realise, when it comes to the designer brands you are paying mainly for the name but now that I’ve brought a designer bag, I can’t help myself. I’ve found that I’m lusting over other designers. Of course, most of them are a pipe dream but hey, it’s good to dream.



One of the next designer buys I’d like to get is a watch and one of the brands I’ve been looking at is Olivia Burton. I’d say it’s one of the most popular designer brands for watches out there currently and it was only founded back in 2012.

OB WatchesOlivia Burton Brown Strap Watch (£82.00) | Olivia Burton Navy Meets Dusty Pink Watch (£92.00) | Olivia Burton White Strap Watch (£82.00)

I’m a big fan of rose gold so these watches definitely have those elements. I’m also quite picky when it comes to straps as I wouldn’t want anything too bulky or too thin that could easily snap. These are a perfect in between.



Yep I know this stuff isn’t likely to be seen by anyone other than myself, my fiance and the girls in the locker room of my local gym but dammit this girl wants to feel sexy all over. Calvin Klein is a brand I’ve always wanted to invest in. I love their sports bras, bralettes and the short briefs.

Calvin KleinsCalvin Klein Sports Bra (£38.00) | Calvin Klein Bralette (£30.00) | Calvin Klein Thong (£18.00) | Calvin Klein Briefs (£20.00)

I love the design of the CK brand and I can certainly see myself buying plenty of these once I have a little more money to spend after the house buying.


Bags & Purses

And finally, like the old saying goes ‘a person can never have too many bags‘ – well I think it’s shoes but I prefer bags more. Vivienne Westwood has always been a favourite of mine, mainly because she herself looks barmy and I love me a crazy person, they’re the best kind of people. I also love Ted Baker, especially the patent bags because they just ooze luxury.

Bags and PursesTed Baker Mellvna Purse (£85.00) | Vivienne Westwood Pimlico Shoulder Bag (£290.00) | Vivienne Westwood Harrow Handbag (£475.00) | Vivienne Westwood Pimlico Medium Bag (£399.00) | Ted Baker Kriscon Handbag (£30.00) | Ted Baker Lezlie Makeup Bag (£29.00)

Designer brands are only becoming more popular with many wanting to stand out from the crowd or to have something that not many people own. I don’t think I’d ever spend thousands of pounds on a bag unless I won the lottery because anyone will tell you I’m as clumsy as anything. OD’s Designer Clothing has some fantastic brands on offer and I’ll be sure to come back once I’m ready for my next luxury purchase.

What do you think of designer brands? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

* Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post with OD’s Designer Clothing. All words are my own.


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