Lessons To Learn From Your Past Beauty Mistakes

Zara Lewis is a designer and a regular contributor to highstylife.com, devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking. Check out her last post here. This week, she’s talking about learning from your past beauty mistakes. I mean, I’ve definitely had a few…

Beauty mistakes are crimes we have all committed at one point or another; there isn’t a single person innocent when it comes to this particular crime. Some are the things we now laugh about, anecdotes that start with sentences like: “Remember that time I over-tweezed and my eyebrows looked like a Nike logo?”, while others are more severe and hence more difficult to eradicate than simply growing your eyebrows out. Still, every mistake, beauty or life one, comes with a lesson. The lesson that we should use to be wiser in the future and not let history repeat itself. In case some of them slipped your mind, we are here with a friendly reminder. 

Tanning beds + skipping SPF 


The last couple of years have been a wakeup call when it comes to the importance of using sunblock. The days when tanning was ‘in’ are thankfully gone, and for a good reason. Sun exposure results in skin that looks leathery, dry, wrinkled, discolored, and in the worst-case scenario, it can lead to skin cancer. The sun-kissed glow is simply not worth the damage, so never leave the house without slathering your skin with moisturizer or foundation with high SPF. 

This leads us to another unfortunate past trend that was used as a substitute for natural tanning – tanning beds. You might not have been aware of this, but those dangerous UV rays are very much present in tanning beds. This is exactly why The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies tanning beds and tanning lamps into its highest cancer risk category. The lesson: never skip sunblock, and when you see a tanning salon, just keep on walking and bask in the glory of your protected, healthy skin.

Bad Hair Year 


There are mornings when we simply wake up with bad hair, and that results in a bad hair day. There are other times when we make our own mistakes by going to a salon without thinking things through and do something that instantly makes us want to burst into tears. One of those tear-jerking moves is getting bangs when you don’t have the face for them. Not only do you end up being miserable but you spend the next several months with bobby pins in your hair, trying to hide the mistake until it grows back. 

Never do fringes unless you have your stylist’s full support – they know hair, and they know what’s right for you, (and this doesn’t only go for bangs; don’t get a pixie cut unless you are absolutely certain you won’t be pining over your long strands). Right next to hairdo-gone-wrong is getting a perm. This is a big no-no for most people – if you want curly hair use a curling wand, don’t submit yourself to at least six months of ache and regret. 

Not Getting Your Beauty Sleep

Lying In Bed

Whether it was obsessing over a guy, pulling an all-nighter study session, partying way too much and sleeping very little, we are all guilty of skipping on our beauty sleep. When it comes to your beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth. Your body repairs itself and recovers while you snooze, and that leads to a long list of benefits for your looks. The key is to get enough shut-eye – 7 to 9 quality hours each night. When you deprive your skin of its snooze time, you don’t allow for production of new collagen which results in premature aging and wrinkled skin. Botox is definitely not the answer, and Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz as well as Gwyneth Paltrow can vouch for that

Keep A Beauty Journal


Keeping this kind of journal is definitely a good idea. Get yourself a beautiful little notebook and a few different color markers and use them to highlight the things you notice when trying out different beauty products. You can even use one color for “no-no” things and a different one for the things that work for you. If you’re struggling with allergies or skin problems, make a list of the ingredients that trigger your condition and use it as a cheat-sheet the next time you go shopping. You can also use it to write down makeup ‘recipes’. For example, you did your makeup, and it looks fantastic – make a note of your process so that you can repeat the same routine. 

No matter what your mistakes are, and how they’ve affected your look so far, the best thing to do is recognize them and find out what you can learn from them. Love and treat your skin and body right, and they will love you back.

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