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Chafing effects us all – well most of us. The lucky ones who don’t will never know the pain of it and how much it affects how comfortable you feel over the Summer.

tortz sent me two of their ‘anti-chafing shorts‘ to test out and see if they actually make a difference.

tortz close up

The lingerie range prevents friction on the inner thigh. Designed to look good and feel comfortable, the high-quality silicone backing secures the lace bands, preventing rolling. They are ‘designed with all women in mind‘ which is a bold claim to make in the fashion world.

A third of women actually suffer from thigh chafing according to tortz and I’m not surprised! Chafing is caused by the rubbing together of either skin on skin or skin with the material. This friction tends to lead to inflammation of the skin and in worse cases, sores or breaking of the skin. 

Nude and black tortz

The range comes in nude and black with the tortz logo printed on the side. Immediately I went straight for the nude as it’ll be one I’d want to wear under a lot of my clothing that may be slightly sheer.

The lace detailing for me is slightly dated in my opinion and it wouldn’t bother me but I wouldn’t want it showing.

Lace detailing

Putting them on was easy and they feel super comfortable. Walking about you can immediately feel that the skin is protected by the lace and that the silicone lining is keeping this section in place.

You can, of course, feel the lace rubbing against each other but this stops the skin from doing so.

tortz on skin

Depending on your height or dress size, the typical S, M & L are available. I’m really impressed by these and it’s great to see something that’s the chafing issue these. I cannot wait to wear them during the Summer.

What do you think of the tortz anti-chaffing shorts? Let me know in the comments below.

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