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I’m making 2019 the year I finally get stylish. Alas though, it might not happen until Spring because I’ve just paid for a wedding deposit, a trip to Amsterdam and an iMac all in the space of a couple of months. Who needs money eh? Warehouse got in touch to ask me what my style wishlist for this year is and frankly, I want clothes that are going to suit my shape instead of going for things that are just trending and don’t do me any favours. I’m kinda done with that sheep life, you know what I’m saying?

Warehouse Fashion

Styling For Work 

I currently work in an office and up until now, I’ve blurred the lines between my casual wear and my office attire. I want to separate that this year so that I’ve got clothes for work and clothes for my life outside of work.

WorkwearHeart Leather Gloves (£8.00) | Leopard Print Mini Shirt Dress (£49.00) | Cord Blazer (£30.00) | Brushstroke Culotte Jumpsuit (£59.00)Window Pane Check Scarf (£8.00) 

I want to try and keep this attire to one piece like work dresses and jumpsuits. Pairing it with a blazer and maybe some chunky boots. I also keep telling myself that I need a new scarf and glove combo and I love the look of these leather gloves. Never been a fan of the leather glove before but the heart shaped cut out of these is so pretty.


Casual Wear

When it comes to casual wear, I want comfort mainly. But I now also want my clothes to be more fitted instead of baggy, which only makes me look larger than I am.

CasualwearCircle Buckle Jeans Belt (£22.00) | Leopard Print Shirt (£32.00) | Stripe Button Back V-Neck Top (£39.00) | Ottoman Rib Funnel Jumper (£46.00) | Beaten Square Earrings (£14.00)

I’m loving that patterns and bold colours are still trending and since getting myself a leopard print skirt, I kind of want more. This pattern that I think many concerned to be quite tacky has been revamped and made stylish. I’m also obsessed with these gold circle buckle belts. I actually don’t own a single belt and I keep seeing all these beautiful accessories and now I want them. I’ve found myself wearing more jewellery nowadays, particularly earrings. I love these bold statement earrings that look like crushed gold pieces. 


Glam Attire

LOL, I don’t really have time to go out at the moment but if I were living my glam life, then these would be the outfits I’d pick. With my figure, I often get into difficulty when finding an outfit that covers my chest area properly without too much baggy material around my waist.

GlamQuilted Chain Cross-Body Bag (£8.00) | Foil Pleated Midi Dress (£28.00)Satin Twist Knot Midi Dress (£30.00) | Stripe Jacquard Jumpsuit (£25.00) | Tear Link Earrings (£8.00) | 

Jumpsuits are always going to be a favourite of mine because of my height and I love these pleated midi dresses at the moment. Teardrop earrings are so classy and the ring style buckle is also featuring heavily on bags too, so I think I need that quilted cross-body bag in my life right now.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.



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