You’re Never Too Old For Love


A life without love is not worth living. It’s one of those quotes that I’ve always considered to be most true. A life without love is certainly a sad and lonely life to live. I wanted to talk about love but more about the stigma that surrounds finding love at an older age.

CouplesDating past your 40s tends to have this disapproval attached to it not just by those of that age but even my generation seems to have the same issue. But love isn’t ageist, racist or sexist. It doesn’t conform to social labels and why should it? Love is what makes life good and we all want and need it.

So whether you are 40, 60 or 90 years old (and if you’re ninety and dating, then I want whatever you’re taking), here’s a few handy tips to get some lovin’.


Make use of the online world

With so many dating apps and dating sites out there, you’re spoilt for choice on a platform that’s right for you. Many come in an app form which would make it easier for those who may not own a computer (yes that’s a thing). The online dating world gives you the ability to get chatting to anyone you want with a few clicks of a button so why not use it? One to try would be


Speed dating is very much still a thing

I hadn’t realised this but speed dating is still very much alive and well. As a blogger, I’ve seen and also been invited along to speed dating events. Typical of those who outreach to bloggers and clearly haven’t done their research – errr excuse me I’m engaged. I love the idea of speed dating because it’s a chance to not only get chatting to one potential date but to several others. I think it’s also the next best way of finding someone that’s not through a friend of a friend. At the end of the day, you’ll be in a room full of other people in the same boat so have a look for your nearest one online.


Age really doesn’t matter

Well as long as it’s not illegal, then who cares about age? Yes of course we’ve managed to give labels to ‘those types‘ such as gold-diggers, cougars, sugar daddy’s etc but I think we just need to remove those words because at the end of the day, as long as you love that person that’s all that matters. We shouldn’t judge people on who they’re with just because their love is different to yours.


You can have multiple companions

Love doesn’t have to be physical and I think that’s something people immediately think of when it comes to dating. You might just want some attention, a friend to talk to or someone who shares the same interests as you do. Whatever your reasons, you can have multiple companions. Be greedy and surround yourself with people, whatever that connection with them may be.

What do you think of dating at an older age? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Older Dating. All words are my own.


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