Highs & Lows | Week 14

This week’s been pretty full on. It’s been a week where we’ve spent lots of time with friends and we’ve also drunk a lot! As I’m writing this, it’s Sunday and it’s the last time Love Island will be airing for 2017 (if you don’t watch Love Island – well done for having a life). We’ve got an exciting couple of months up ahead including our well deserved holiday at the end of September. The blogging business for me is going very well at the moment and I’ve managed to put myself a week or two in advance with blog posts. I’m slowly finding the balance between blogging and having a social life. YES LADS!


Highs ↑

Double Dating

So two of my best friends got together just over 6 months ago. They’re made for each other and the other day, we spent a day with them, taking part in their Alphabet dating game. They each get a letter of the alphabet, taking it in turns and centring the date around that letter. Hannah had the letter D so she did Dungeons and Dragons and made it a double date. We had so much fun and we slept like babies when we got back home on Saturday evening.

Sgarmes Friends

You may have seen them on BBC’s Pitch Battle but Sgarmes was a singing group I was part of during some of my time at university. I made some amazing friends from the group and a few came down to London the other day. We spent the evening with them and didn’t get back until around 3am the next morning. Never doing that again! Drinking and staying out till 3am, I mean…

London Dungeons

The London Dungeons is a place I’ve wanted to go to for so long! And it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s worth the money and even though it’s fairly pricey at £27, the experience is worth it. I wouldn’t go back again though as it’s one of those things to do once. I think the next time I’d go is if my family goes or when I have my own family.

Lows ↓

Hangover for days

I know I’ve mentioned this before but every time I get a horrible a hangover it seems to last for days. It’s obviously a sign of getting older and not being used to the university lifestyle anymore. Sad times!

What were the highlights of your week? Let me know in the comments below.

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