The Organic Shop | Win A Hamper Giveaway

You may have seen a previous post where I featured Natura Siberica’s Detoxifying Soap, which I loved. Turns out there’s another brand called Organic Shop who’ve also recently launched and they have A LOT of products on offer. So they kindly gifted me a ton of haircare and skincare products. To say I’m grateful for this is an understatement! They’ve also given me a selection of products (seen below) to giveaway so keep on reading for more information on that.

The Organic Shop Products

As soon as I received this entire package – which was a pretty hefty box – I delved straight in, reaching for these yummy looking haircare products. There products are all organic which is great for those who are conscious of buying beauty products with ‘no hidden nasties‘ such as harmful microbeads, parabens, SLS, mineral oils or GMOs. They also don’t test on animals which is a big tick.

I’ve had a dabble with all of the products sent to me (excluding the giveaway ones obvs) so I wanted to give my opinion on the ones that I liked and the ones that I didn’t!

Avocado & Honey Express Repair Hair Mask – RRP £2.49

Ok, first off the price point. Absolutely incredible. £2.49 for a sizeable tub of hair mask that’s organic and packaged beautifully?! It just doesn’t normally exist. I used this alongside and seperately with the shampoo and conditioners they sent me and I must admit, this mask works SO well. It’s thick but not too heavy on the head. The smell is heavenly and the pay off is beautiful. My hair was a lot smoother and sleeker than usual but mainly it was shiny. It had a glossy, healthier look which has not been the case for a while, especially after dip dying my hair.

Olive & Orange Flowers Revivial Shampoo and Conditioner – RRP £2.49 each

Again, such good value for money but this isn’t for me. I am a fan of olives but I’m not so keen on the smell of this and my hair didn’t exactly feel nourished afterwards. Normally, a conditioner provides my hair with nourishment but this one just didn’t. Perhaps it’s the purpose of the shampoo but I didn’t really notice a difference with my hair, especially when using the hair mask separately with another branded shampoo and conditioner.

Ginger & Cherry Face Scrub – RRP £2.99


I love the smell of this product. At first, the sound of ginger and cherry together sounded unappealing but it was actually a great combination. The substitute for the microbeads is and it actually feels a lot more gentle on the skin which was unexpected. Definitely something I’ll be using more over the next few months and it left my skin feeling pretty refreshed.

Face Scrubs and Peels


Apricot & Mango Face Peeling – RRP £2.99

I love this one. I’ve tried getting into more face peeling products, even though the idea of it scares the jeebs out of me. This one though, I knew wasn’t going to be as powerful as some of the previous chemical peels I’ve used in the past. It was a light tingly sensation when initially applied onto the skin and I left it on for no longer than five minutes and my skin felt so soft and plump afterwards. I think with regular use, I’d expect to see a more healthier and glowy reflection to my skin, so I’m certainly going to use this over the colder months.

Tangerine & Mango Energy Shower Gel – RRP £2.99

I love a good Shower Gel and both Tangerine & Mango are both sweet tasting fruits that work so well together. The only problem I had with this was the pump. I’m more of a fan of squeezy bottles when it comes to shower products, it’s just a lot easier. With the pump, you have to press it quite a few times to get enough to cover the whole body. I know it sounds completely stupid but it’s just what I prefer.

Bodycare Products


Body Desserts Vanilla Whipped Cream Moisturising Body Cream – RRP £7.99

OMG. It’s as thick as yoghurt and smells so edible, I had to keep glancing back at the package just to check that they hadn’t in fact given me yoghurt instead of body cream. This body cream is so decadent and luxurious that I cannot wait to use it every time I’ve had a bath. The smell is just delicious and the tub is enormous. And the price? £7.99. I mean come on, this brand is killing me with these prices.

So have I convinced you enough to try these products? Well, either way, I’m giving away a gorgeous bundle of the Organic Shop’s products which can all be seen in the picture at the top of this blog post. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this is to enter below. The prize will be distributed by yours truly so all responsibility lies with me this time around. Good Luck! And if you don’t win, then get 30% with CBONLINE across the whole collection!

*Disclaimer – I received these in return for a review on the products and to host a giveaway. All words are my own.