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What makes a suit so sexy? In a city that’s bustling with corporate commuters, you’ll often see men (and women) in suits and they both look damn sexy. Dobell kindly sent over a whole tuxedo for my gorgeous fiance to wear to the recent Olivier Awards and I have to tell you, Dobell came through.

Dobell SuitI‘m not totally familiar with the brand, although I have heard of them before. Dobell is a menswear brand that provides formal clothing. From tuxedos to dinner jackets, this brand has it all. With the Olivier Awards being a black tie event, we requested their best seller. 

A one button, black notch lapel, two piece tuxedo which will set you back at £94.99. Pretty impressive for both the jacket and trousers. They also sent over a crisp, Dobell White Shirt (£24.99) which is modelled by Sam in these photos.

Formal WearThe shoes, cuff links and tie are already owned by Sam and to be honest, I have no clue where they’re from (soz fellas). What I instantly loved about this suit jacket was the lapel of the jacket, which is the bit that’s folded at the front. I love the contrast and shine of the satin, against the jacket’s fabric.

The one button on the front makes the jacket more simplistic and it isn’t a tailored fit which was great for Sam as he was working an event.

Cuff LinksTuxedo SuitThe trousers were a bit of a difficult one, without having been into a physical store to try them on, they were a little too long. However, I received excellent customer service and they sent us a shorter pair that fit perfectly. 

They have the same satin material running down the outside of the leg which fits in perfectly with the lapel and pockets on the jacket. Sam appeared very much comfortable during the event and I was pretty much woo’d when I took these photos. He’s a good looking fella.

Dobell SuitsThe price of this suit in total (excluding Sam’s already owned accessories) totals £119.98 which I think is pretty impressive for a nearly a whole outfit, especially when it comes down to it being formal wear. I love the detail that’s gone into it, especially the inside of the jacket which has the fancy grey pattern and the red/orange lining along the seams.

There’s some really beautiful suits available on Dobell, within an affordable price range. Just check out some of my favourites below. They’ve also got some funky novelty suits that feature an array of bright colours and even some marvel characters.

SuitsFrom left to right – Dobell Grey with Burgundy Check Tailored Fit Suit (£119.00) | Avail London Burgundy Muscle Fit Suit (£149.99) | Dobell Pacific Blue Slim Fit Suit (£99.99)

I want to personally thank Dobell for gifting my fiance with such a gorgeous tuxedo and I’m pretty sure we’ll find plenty of black tie events to whip it out again. 

What do you think of the Dobell Tuxedo? Let me know in the comments below and also what you think of their other suits!


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this tuxedo in return for an honest blog post. All words are my own.



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