Everyday Is Christmas | With Sia


Christmas for me is about a number of things and one of them is the music. We listen to it every year on repeat and as much as we complain about the ‘same old songs‘, they’re iconic. With the late George Michael sadly passing on Christmas Day last year, fans of Wham! have rallied together to encourage the public to get Last Christmas to Number 1 this year on the UK Charts. I really hope it happens because it is a classic and one of my favourites. I also recently received, Sia’s new album Everyday is Christmas and I have to say, I’m impressed.

Sia AlbumLet’s admit it, Christmas songs are pretty hard to do especially when most artists will just recycle the previous songs (and we all know that they’re rarely any better than the originals). So when Sia came out with an album full of original songs, I like many others, was shook.

There are ten songs in total. Included in my bundle from Atlantic Records, I got sent a red and green wig, a snow globe which gave me all the nostalgia of being a kid and a customised Sia bauble that will be sitting proudly on my tree. Now as a big fan of Sia, I knew that at least one of these songs had to be good.

Sia Snowglobe and albumSanta’s Coming For Us is probably my favourite, it’s super catchy and it’s definitely one that I’ve already found myself finding the need to play. Sia’s already got a few music videos out for the songs and there are some familiar faces that I recognise which include Kristen Bell from Frozen and The Good Place. There’s also Caleb McLaughlin, one of the insanely talented kids from Stranger Things in the video. 

Sia is known for having used Maddie Ziegler as her main star in most of her music videos from the very beginning. Maddie is a professional dancer and rose to fame from the reality series Dance Moms. Now she’s on the cover of Sia’s album. Life Goals.

Other songs that are growing on me from the album are Candy Cane Lane which is a great jingle and reminds me of another song although I can’t think which one. Ho Ho Ho is another fun one with various comedy sound effects going off in the background. The rest are quite mellow and very Adele/Sam Smith-esque. 

Sia BaubleOverall, this is a really good album and I can definitely see one of or two of them becoming a Christmas classic.

What do you think of Sia’s new album? Have you heard it yet? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this album in return for my own honest opinion. All words are my own.


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