10 Ways To Wind Down Before Bed


A weird thing has been happening to myself and Sam recently. We’ve been going bed before 11pm. That never rarely happens and you know what? I’m actually loving it. The attention to my blog and everything to do with it has taken a slight back step because so much has been happening in January. So to get more time in bed is a blessing. I wanted to share with you some tips of how to wind down before bedtime. Some of these I’ve heard from others and some I’ve found to be really useful for myself.


Avoid Caffeine

Apparently you’re not supposed to drink any caffeine six hours before bedtime. It makes sense because you’re wired and it’ll take longer for you to settle down when you’re in bed. I’ve certainly reduced by coffee intake which used to be around 4-5 a day. Now I’ll only have a cup of coffee at work in the morning and perhaps a can of coke at lunchtime. 


Take A Hot Shower Or Bath

There’s nothing better than getting in a hot bath with a concoction of bath fizzes and oils to help you fully relax after a stressful day. Taking a hot shower or bath and using bath/shower oils such as Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oils which I have, are perfect for de-stressing and they smell incredible. Also you only have to use one capful so they’ll last for a while. 


Dress For Bed

I’m a sucker for this one. I’ll always stay in my work-wear during the evening until I’m getting ready for bed. Instead, getting dressed for bed after you’ve eaten dinner for example will help your mind and body have a few hours before you actually hit the hay, to relax. Invest in some cosy pyjamas and a nice pair of slippers to really go to town.


Read A Book

Now you’re speaking to a girl who loves her books so this one is an easy one for me. But surprisingly, it’s something that I rarely often do. Reading a book instead of being on your phone or laptop is much better for your eyes as you’re relaxing in bed. I actually think it also makes you feel more tired and allows you to naturally tire. A few recommendations for books would be Nutshell by Ian McEwan, Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon or Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter.


Invest In An Eye Mask

Thank the lord to my best friend Charlie for getting me an eye-mask for my birthday because this has done wonders for my sleep. I used to take around 30 minutes to fall asleep whilst Sam took a mere 5 seconds to head into the land of nod. Since wearing an eye-mask to bed, I’ve found that I fall asleep 15-20 minutes quicker and I feel much more rested in the morning. The only problem is that it often comes off in the night waking me up. #firstworldproblems


Write Down Your Thoughts

A handy tip that I’ve been reading about when winding down for bedtime is writing down all your thoughts, feelings and to do lists in a notepad before you go bed. There’s been plenty of times where my mind has being running on overdrive thinking of stuff that needs doing, so I’m definitely thinking of getting a small notepad to have on my side table to do this.


Sleep Sprays & Diffusers

Diffusers have been something that I’ve used for a while now and it’s a great thing to get yourself settled in the evening. I have a whole collection of different essential oils that all have various ingredients to invigorate, uplift or relax the mind and body.


No Electronics In Bed

I’m pretty sure we all love binge watching Netflix in bed but apparently playing on electronics before you sleep isn’t healthy. Apparently the light from screens promotes wakefulness which causes problems sleeping when you finally get your head down on the pillow. Something like reading, which I mentioned above, is much better to help you drift off.


Give Yourself A Head Massage

Have you got a scalp head massager? If not, invest in one because it’s the best thing you’ll ever get. What’s best is if you have someone who can use it on you whether it’s a partner, family member or friend. A minute of this and you’ll feel like melting into your bed. Otherwise if not, a good old head massage given by oneself is great to de-stress.


Make Those Sheets Fresh

And finally, there’s nothing like freshly washed sheets to make you feel super cosy, clean and relaxed. I try and find detergents that are soft on fabrics and have calming scents like Lavender in them. Fabric conditioners are great for making your sheets super soft for the ultimate bed time experience. You’ll never want to get up.

What do you do to wind down for bedtime in the evening? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored collaboration with Dreamers Bed Centre. All words are my own.


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