5 Ways To Maximise Storage Space


Buying a property in London means you will probably get less space for an extortionate amount compared to properties anywhere else in the UK. So utilising the space is extremely important when you have so little of it. As I’ve been obsessing over Pinterest lately. I thought I’d share with you five ways to maximise storage space and avoid the dreaded clutter.


The Staircase

Staircase storage is something many don’t consider using but it’s one of the best ways to store away shoes and coats so they’re not on display for guests to see.

Staircase StorageStaircases

Investing in a spiral staircase kit or shelving unit that can match the decline of your stairs works well and doesn’t stick out or look un-natural. Many storage hacks also often involve installing pull out drawers that keep things in place. It also makes it easier to see what’s in that cupboard, without having to root around and messing everything up. If you’re looking for something new, there’s plenty of staircases online in the UK that offer more versatile storage options than your more traditional ones.


Clear Plastics

If you’re a beauty lover like myself, having umpteen bottles of moisturiser, handfuls of lipsticks and and an extensive collection of palettes can turn your vanity table into a nightmare. Instead, opt for clear plastic storage holders which you can get in places such as Muji and Rymans to keep every in order.

Makeup StorageMakeup Storage | Storage Pins

I already own one of the ones with the clear drawers and lipstick storage on top. I’m not quite sure what vanity table I want to get, but if it does come with a draw or two, I’ll certainly get some of those plastic tubs or separators.


Under The Bed

Now some beds don’t have storage underneath but if you’re getting a new bed, then be sure to pick one that has the option of storage or is one of those funky ones that opens up to reveal a storage unit beneath it.

Bed StorageMuji Bed Storage | Under Bed Storage

We currently don’t own a bed of our own so when we move into our new place, I think we’ll definitely be opting for a bed that has that storage availability underneath. Bedside tables are also a great way of storing away bits and bobs and like the vanity desk, you can easily get separators that fit into the drawers to make organising much easier. 


The Kitchen Cupboards

When it comes to the kitchen, clutter can form both on the worktops and in the cupboards themselves. Having the right storage to put your food and utensils in, will make the space appear a lot cleaner and you won’t have empty food packaging hiding anywhere that you’ve forgotten about.

Kitchen StorageLabelled Mason Jars | Kitchen Storage

There’s so many interesting hacks for Kitchen storage on Pinterest. Labelled Mason Jars for example would be great to store the essentials on the worktops. I also love the plate stands which utilises the space more.


Floating Shelves

Ahh the floating shelf. It looks decorative but is also handy for storing away DVDs, books and for displaying photo frames of loved ones.

Floating ShelvesFloating Shelves

I think this is something we’d do perhaps at a later point but I love the shelves that are a little different, especially the crates ones which I think would go great in the bathroom. Above all, the floating shelves reduce any floor stuff to a minimum.

Have you got a storage idea that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.


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