Things I Miss About My Old Family Home

Growing older definitely makes me more nostalgic and as I look back on photos, I often find myself missing home terribly. In particularly, my old home. It was the place I grew up in as a kid, as a teenager and questionably, as a young adult. My parent’s place now is lovely but it will never quite be the family home that we had before.

Which is why I wanted to reminisce and talk about the things that I miss about our home. Ah this is going to give me all the emotional feels.


The Cul-De-Sac

The Cul-De-Sac is a name used to refer to a dead end street and we lived on one. It was perfect because you were away from traffic on the main road and the only cars that would drive up and down would be by those who lived there. I have so many great memories of playing outdoors on this street, meeting up with friends that lived a few doors down and just generally having a lot of fun and laughter.

At the moment we live on the high street so it’s very open and therefore doesn’t feel private and god it’s noisy too. We’ve luckily managed to find a new home where it’s blissfully quiet.


My Bedroom

If Sam isn’t next to me in bed, I get uncomfortable. I tend to not sleep as easily and I just feel a little lost without him there. But life wasn’t always like that. I had my own space once back in the old home. Sure it was sickly pink with groovy chick products all over the shop but it was my space where I could dance like a crazy woman and act out scenes in the mirror…like a crazy woman.


The Garden

This is one thing I miss about living back in the sticks and that’s having some greenery right on your doorstep. The garden was such a great place to be during the Summer or Winter for that matter, building snowmen or racing around in toy cars.

I think the fact that the house had a front garden too, made the whole property bigger and more fun for us kids to muck about.


The Conservatory

I remember when the conservatory was being built, I was so excited. It was an extra space to our already lovely home and I was so excited to be able to use it as a space to relax during the Summer. Ours had one of those aluminium lanterns roofs that looked pristine at the beginning but I think my parents neglected to clean the roof and it ended up a mossy green upon selling the house.


Baby Brother

GAHHH I miss those times when my youngest brother was a baby. For me, I was the perfect age when my mum had Alfie because I was keen to be involved, to change nappies and take turns feeding the toddler. If anything it’s prepared me for motherhood and I’m so thankful for that. Also my relationship with Alfie is like a sister/mother and I love it.

Ashley, my other brother – well our relationship used to be butting heads and beating the crap out of each other. However, we’ve both bonded more since I left university because we both have the same weird personality.


My Parents

I have always had a very strong relationship with my parents and they’ve been my number one supporters from day one. I am so proud to have them as parents and blessed that they are in my lives, healthy and happy. As a family, we had such a fantastic childhood growing up and I miss this most about the old home and my life in Stoke.


Just Being A Kid

And the most obvious of them all is that I miss just being a kid. I miss not having to worry about bills and what I want to do with my life. I miss the school holidays and I really miss being at home. My mum always told me to never wish to grow up too fast.

I wish I took that advice because I’m already 25 years old and it’s scary to think that so much has passed. Family members that used to be here, have now gone and it’s pretty morbid to say the least.

But it’s great to reflect, it’s great to just take a moment and enjoy that moment that you’re in. Revel in it because it’ll soon be over and all we’ll have is the memories.

Do you have an old home you miss? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with the Three Counties. All words are my own.


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