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Since we’re on the subject of nostalgia, I stumbled upon my prom photos way back in high school the other day on Facebook. It was a reflection of happy times, being young and unaware of what the rest of my adult life looked like. Shopping for a prom dress was incredibly exciting. I remember trying the dress on after spending a lot of time going round shops in Manchester and finally finding the dress that I felt perfect in.

Prom DressesFinding the right prom dress was something that for me at the time was of such importance. It was the first dress that I felt beautiful in and I felt that prom as a life event is like closing the chapter on your childhood and finally becoming a young adult. So babe you need to go out with a bang and you got to look good doing it so let’s help you find your prom dress.


What’s Your Budget?

Unfortunately my weekly wage, working in a market cafe, didn’t quite stretch to affording a prom dress. So, it was my loving parents and my nan, who chipped in the cash to buy me the dress, shoes, bag and I think a tiara (oh dear lord). Nowadays, there’s a lot more second hand shops selling prom dresses and even some high-street stores do their own lines of prom/bridal dresses so this whole thing has become a lot more affordable.

That being said, making sure you know what your budget means you avoid that ‘oh let’s try this dress on even though it’s three times the amount I can afford‘, falling in love with it and dashing your hope of finding another one that’s better.


Decide On A Colour

The colour is very important because it needs to suit you and mainly your overall complexion. As a teenager, unless you were obsessed with fashion or had a family member who knew their stuff, I had no clue about what colours suited me. For example, picking a nude shade would wash out me out because I was fairly pale. 

I think I played it safe by choosing a black and white number but I could have probably gone for more bolder colours. However, in no situation is a bright neon pink a good colour for a prom dress. Also, try to avoid buying a white dress, it ain’t a wedding photo swap occassion yet.


The Length

Length is also another important factor to decide on when you are prom dress shopping. I went with a floor length dress but in hindsight, perhaps I should have gone with a cocktail dress. As a teen who had gazelle-like legs, the gown emphasised this even more. You also need to be comfortable, so don’t go for a dress where the length is too long, you fear you’ll fall over or too short that you er – well you get where I’m going.


Pick A Style To Suit Your Shape

I had too much teenage stuff to think about without having to stress about body shape. Although back then I had the body of a supermodel (err universe, could I please have this back?), so I wasn’t really bothered. However, the shape of your body is important to finding the right dress.

For example, if you had a bigger chest, getting a dress that cuts right under your chest is only going to point it out more. If you’ve got an hour-glass figure, getting an A-line dress will have you drowning in fabric.


Find The Dress Then Find The Rest

Get the dress first because that’s the main piece of clothing that makes the outfit. The shoes, bag and please don’t get a tiara can be found no matter what the dress may be. When dress shopping, go to a variety of places and shop around before settling on the one.

We went shopping in Manchester because Stoke didn’t have a great selection of shops and going to another city to find a dress made the experience all the more exciting. And unless you’re a master of heels, go for flat shoes or a kitten heel and if it’s a kitten heel practice. When I first tried mine on, it was like Bambi on ice.

What are your experiences of prom dress shopping? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Prom Dress Finder. All words are my own.


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