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With Summer well on it’s way, you’ll find people from all over the country flocking to holiday destinations across the globe, including stay-cations here in the UK. KAP Motor Group sells new and used cars and want to ensure those travelling during holiday season are Summer ready by making sure they have the right car safety features in place.

Car SafetyNow even though I don’t drive, I’m often in other people’s cars as a passenger. My safety is equally important to that of the driver, so making sure everything’s working as it should is something that I need to be aware of too.


Make sure the tires are pumped

I think it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to break down on the motorway and often it’s things like flat tires that can cause this nightmare to become a reality. I remember whenever we went on road trips with the parents, we’d always stop off at the petrol station to fill up the air in the tires. The risk of a flat tire can lead to potentially losing control of the car and flat tires account to 10% of motor vehicle breakdowns. 


Fill up the tank

We were sat in a restaurant that I was reviewing the other week and one of the couple’s that had also been there were panicking about running out of petrol. Turns out they were running on empty and were going to risk driving to a petrol station 5-10 minutes down the road. Risking it even if it’s a short distance is something you’ll regret when you find the wheels have stopped turning and you’re stuck in the middle of a busy road or worse, in the middle of no where.

Make sure that before the trip you have enough petrol/diesel in your engine and then some for any unexpected wrong turns.


Wear your seat belt

It seems obvious right? But people are still being killed in car accidents where they forget to wear their seat belts. I’ll never forget the first time I went in somebody else’s car other than my parent’s or a family member. My mum was super anxious about car safety and told me 497674975 times to make sure I wore my seat belt. It’s upsetting that there’s a few people from my school/college who have been killed in a car accident where they were speeding/not wearing their seat belts. 


Check the AC

Summer comes with hot weatheror at least we hope here in the UK with baited breath. Making sure that beautiful air conditioning is working and pumping out cool air will make your driving a much more pleasurable experience. Faulty AC’s can often lead to engine failure so be sure to make sure it’s all functioning as it should before you get on the road. It will be much safer testing it before you start your trip, rather than messing with it whilst you’re on the road.


Get it MOT approved

And finally, the big pre-check is that you should always be MOT approved. Making sure your vehicle is road safe and in tip top shape is important so why not schedule your MOT test with KAP Motor Group from the comfort of your own home? Whether it’s a short trip or a long haul one, safety should always come first and an MOT test is a must.

What do you think of car safety? Is there anything I’ve not mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with KAP Motor Group. All word are my own.


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