The Perks Of Online Banking


It dawned on me the other day that not everyone uses online banking. For example, my mum and dad who are of a generation who either like social media or don’t, are fully invested in the online world. Yet, they don’t do online banking. And I ask WHY?!

Online BankingYes there’s a lot of danger out there, and maybe there’s a slightly higher risk that your account gets hacked if you don’t keep your devices locked and safe. However, these small risks, are outweighed by the amazing perks you get from online banking. If you’re reading this and you don’t do online banking, let me see if I change your mind.


You Can Bin Those Cheque Books

Oh my lord, can we just talk about cheque books for a second? Who likes to receive cheques? They take days to process and I’m certainly the type of person who likes money going straight in without any delay.

With the use of online banking, never will you have to write out a cheque. And if you’re holding out on a cheque book because it keeps a record – online banking does exactly the same thing.


Online Banking Is Easily Accessible

Online Banking is so easily accessible, whether that’s on your laptop, tablet, phone or whatever device you’re using. Instead of venturing out to a nearby ATM machine, you can find out your balance within a couple of clicks and you don’t even have to move from where you are sitting. It’s the ultimate lazy woman’s dream aka my dream.


Save Money With Helpful Apps

Along with mobile devices, there’s plenty of apps nowadays that helps you save money and most of these can be synced up to your mobile banking. So not only do you get the simplicity of online banking but you also get the opportunity to save money. I mean, that’s a win win in my eyes.


Pay Your Contacts

Paying friends (or eventually paying friends) has never been easier. A lot of the mobile banking apps will have the option to ‘Pay Your Contacts‘, meaning you can transfer money¬† to friends just by looking for contact numbers that are already in your phone. This saves the absolute ball ache of having to deliberate who pays for what when you are in a big group because no one likes to be owed money, especially when there’s always one friend who never pays you back.


Transfer Money In Seconds

Why waste your time going into a bank, hassling some poor customer assistant whose probably had to deal with 8630997454 rude-mouthed people. You can transfer any amount, well up to around ¬£1,000 at least (this girl ain’t a millionaire), so save your time and GET ONLINE BANKING.

I get it, online banking seems scary and dangerous to those who’ve never used it. But when almost 63% now use online banking, that number seems like a pretty convincing argument to quash any worries you may have about using mobile banking.

What do you think of online banking? Do you use it? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Contact Numbers. All words are my own.


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