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It’s getting a little more intimate over here at UpYourVlog. LoveDrop got in touch with me about featuring one of their boxes on my blog and I, of course, said yes. Getting playful in the bedroom can spice up any relationship whether it’s a new one or if you’ve been tied to your partner for the past twenty years.

LoveDrop Box Contents2018 is a new year and I wanted to cover some topics that may seem a little taboo even now in this day and age. We all have sex, right? But I feel as though sometimes, people get a little shy about talking about their own sex lives. 

I get it. It’s personal and for some, it’s an invasion of privacy but how do we know if we’re getting the good stuff if we don’t share our experiences. Most of my readers are older than the age range I initially thought I was covering, so talking about sex is something I can feel assured my readers will enjoy.

Their boxes are bi-monthly subscription based and cost £45.00, so you receive a box of goodies once every two months. The sex toy industry is at a whopping $15 billion worldwide and that figure is projected to go up to $50 billion by 2020. If there were ever a business you’d want to start, it would be in this industry.

The treats I got in our first box were the Lelo Nea, Lelo Hex Condoms and Lubricant samples, LoveDrop Prompt Cards and The Melt Co ‘Joy’ Candle.


Lelo Nea RRP £69.00

Lelo VibratorAlready you get more for your money with this sex toy. From the Swedish brand Lelo, the Nea is a unique take on the humble vibrator and perfect for the lady’s pleasure. Lelo class themselves as the Rolls Royce of sex toys which I think is the perfect way to describe the quality of the brand.


The Melt Co ‘Joy’ CandleRRP £8.95

CandleScented candles create the perfect mood lighting for an intimate night in so I also got one of The Melt Co candles. The ‘Joy‘ scent is a citrus floral scent with a soft woody and musk base. Notes of Rose, Lily and Iris create a sublime mixture and this particular candle burns for 22+ hours.


LoveDrop Prompt Cards – RRP £9.95

Prompt CardsPut your partner to a challenge with these super creative and sexy prompt cards made by LoveDrop themselves. Each card has a naughty or nice activity for you or your partner to try out. When you’re feeling frisky, whip out these cards and take it in turns to randomly pick a card you can give your full attention to. LoveDrop says you’ll be surprised at just how much fun you can have exploring each other in this playful way.


Lelo Hex Condoms and Personal Moisturiser – RRP £29.90 for 36 and £12.90 for 75ml

Condom and Lubricant samplesWith all this fun and frolicking, it’s easy to forget protection. No worries though because LoveDrop has you covered with Lelo’s Hex Condoms. The condoms themselves are stronger and more durable than many other condom brands on the market. It’s the first major innovation in years and media outlets call it one of the most important advances in condom technology in decades.

Pair this with the lubricant samples you can also get from Lelo and you’re good to go!

LoveDrop believes healthy relationships require time, effort and investment. Planning date nights and moments for just the two of you can seem impossible when aspects of your life get in the way. They hand-pick some of the most exciting sex toys, gifts, sex games and activities for partners to explore together.

What do you think of LoveDrop? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this subscription box in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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