3 Things To Be Happy About

Thank god it’s Friday. I was starting to lose it a little bit at work this week because the past weekend we’ve had the Olivier Awards and I’ve literally not stopped. Even though it’s been busy and all I’ve wanted to do is sleep this week, I can’t help but love working. I’m a workaholic at heart. This week has made me realise that there’s plenty of things to be happy about and I wanted to share a few with you.

Engaged Couple

Our First Home Together

So we’re moving into our new place together officially on the 28th April and we’re SO EXCITED. We’ve brought the sofa and bed, so it’s now the smaller things (or less expensive!) that we need to get for us to be able to live in the new apartment. We’ve got so much to buy but we’re going to prioritise the stuff we need and then we can buy the rest over the next six months.

This is such an exciting milestone for us and we’re very fortunate to be in the position where we’re in our mid-twenties and are able to buy a place in London. You’ll see a lot of new content coming up over the Summer which will feature things that we’ve brought for the home, so watch out for that. I also can’t wait to take that typical photo outside our apartment and flashing our keys on Facebook. Haters gonna hate.


Wedding Plans

Now that we’ve finally sorted out the flat, it’s going to give me so much more time to actually start planning our wedding (saying that actually gives me all of the nerves). It still doesn’t seem real that I’m engaged and that in less than 3 years, I’ll probably be married. Time does fly by so quickly and this feels like a really important part in my life so I’m going to enjoy every second of it.

My maid of honour and I have already started looking at venues and I can’t wait for myself and Sam to really get looking so that we can start viewing these venues in person. There’s already so many around the locations we’re after.


Financially Comfortable

Me and Sam work extremely hard and I’m very fortunate that my blogging makes such a nice extra income that has allowed us to treat ourselves and spend a little bit more on furniture for the flat. Being financially comfortable is such a great feeling, especially as I get anxiety when it comes to money and I’ll always be conscious of money as it’s just in my nature.

A lot of our money will now be going towards the flat and hopefully by the end of the year, we’ll be able to scrap the money together to book a wedding venue. Here’s hoping anyway.

Let me know what you are happy about in your life currently in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the positives in life and stop getting hung up on the negatives because life is too short after all.

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