How To Make Your House A Home


After renting in multiple properties over the past four years, I’ve come to realise that each one of those properties, although not my family home or one I’ve owned, was still home to me. That was because I made the house a home with what was in it.

HomeSo whether you have your own place, rent with friends or live out of a shoebox in London, then these are just some things that can help make you feel at home.


Photo Frames

I probably own around 10-15 photo frames which also involves printed canvases. It’s these memories, placed around our flat, that make me feel at home. It’s often a comfort when I miss family or friends who don’t live nearby. A photograph really does hold a lot of happiness and love so make sure you have them all over your place.


Home Comforts

It’s the laundry detergent your parents use, the hoodie you got as a keepsake for that musical you did at university (aka me) – I call these home comforts. It’s those physical items that remind you of home or of a place that was significant to you.

Yes you’ve moved on and grown up but there’s really nothing like the smell of Mum’s freshly washed clothes that gives me all of the feels.


Colour Schemes

If you are as obsessed with colour schemes as I am at the moment, you’ll find certain colours will suit your style and you can apply these to your home. For example I’m currently torn between a grey and yellow or a grey and dusty pink combo for our bedroom.

But for our living room and bathroom, I’m opting for a more monochrome colour scheme with notes of gold and marble. Certain colours and themes tend to feed our happiness so pick ones that you’re drawn to personally.



I cannot stress just how much throws can make a house feel like a home. Especially during the colder months, throws are the ultimate comfort. Throws can be found as bed runners for the bed or laid out on sofas ready for any willing participants to wrap themselves up in.

Almost every home store has them and even some clothing stores now have a home section so get hunting.


Bring The Outside In

This I feel is still a work in progress for most households (mainly me because I find hard to kill plants easy to kill), but greenery can really add a lived in vibe to your space.

I’ve seen so much Pinterest inspiration for this, whether it’s plants showcased on copper stands or planetariums on coffee tables – plants are the most fashionable trend for homes in 2018.


Candles, Candles, Candles

There’s nothing more home-y like a few candles lit to create that cosy glow. Scented candles are a must but plain ones are just as effective to create the atmosphere that’ll make you feel at home. Whether it’s a Yankee Candle or one of those fancy Jo Malone numbers, the sight of a lit candle always makes one feel at home.

What makes your house a home? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Iflo. All words are my own.


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