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Yesterday was a good day. It was a moment where I awoke from the depths of exhaustion and into the light. No I’m not high or sleep deprived but it was reality check that I got yesterday when I attended the Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit with my friend Katie (who I’d dragged along with promises of free booze).

Cosmopolitan SummitNow I have to be honest with you. I had fallen off the blogger wagon. The past few weeks have flown by and I have been so busy that blogging took a big step back. I got to take a well deserved break from the blog and all things social media, which was great. But when I came back, I was playing catch up.

From having scheduled posts and blog promotion in advance, taking product photos and applying for blog opportunities, I found myself desperately writing a blog post on the day it was due to go up. It was driving me insane because I couldn’t perfect these posts for fear of missing that 7pm deadline.

I was invited along to Cosmopolitan’s Summit by Very to review the day and I brought along my bestie to experience it with me. The annual summit is a two day event run by Cosmopolitan, featuring panel talks and workshops to inspire and drive those who want to craft their own businesses and careers. 

Etc VenueAs a blogger, this was an incredible opportunity because my blog has become a business and I wanted an answer to that burning question that’s been in me for a while now. When is it the right time to go full-time?

My blog up till now has made me a sizeable income and the idea of becoming my own boss is exciting but absolutely terrifying. The Summit was a great opportunity to listen and to pose this and many other questions to those already in the position of having an established and successful business.


Keynote – Caroline Flack

Myself and Katie met up before going to the event for breakfast (unbeknownst to us that breakfast was actually served at the venue) and after a good chin wag, we headed over to the County Hall which is a stone’s throw away from the London Eye.

Caroline FlackWe grabbed yet another coffee as we entered the lounge that led into the main stage. We then realised that ‘oh crap maybe we should be in this room where there’s like 400 people sitting down’ and hastily took our seats.

Caroline Flack was part of the first discussion, much to our surprise, and she spoke candidly about her upbringing and how she’s developed such a successful career as a television presenter.

Interviewed by Cosmopolitan’s Editor-in-Chief Farrah Storr, Caroline opened up about her work and how she handles her nerves as well as social media because during the start of her career, social media wasn’t really as prominent as it is now.

After that session had finished it was back outside for a quick break before moving onto our morning session.


Wanderlust – How To Earn A Packet By Travelling The World

This was a panel talk that I was extremely excited to be involved in because it included a travel blogger and so I was keen to see how she took her blogging full-time. It was very inspiring to see such a strong group of ladies, all visibly passionate about their careers and businesses and I really took a lot away from this talk.

Wanderlust PanelistsCosmopolitan LoungeI also spoke to Mollie afterwards (the travel blogger) who gave me the insight into when I’ll know is the point at which I should take my blog on as a full-time business.

We broke for lunch in which we were greeted with a feast that was very much quickly consumed by myself and Katie. The banoffee pie was ‘the tits‘ (another’s attendees choice of words when we were deliberating over the sweets), and we also met another blogger Ali at this point before going back in for the afternoon sessions.


Keynote – Super Influencer’s Masterclass & How To Crack The Insta Elite’s Code

This session was all about how to build a brand and maintaining that fan base primarily on Instagram but on other platforms as well. It was interesting to have someone from the company of Instagram on the panel because the recent algorithm changes are something a lot of users have been struggling to use especially with us bloggers.

InfluencersI did come away from it feeling more motivated to use Instagram more and possibly make good use of affiliate marketing through my Instagram in the future.

We took another mini break before venturing into our final session of the day.


The Big Switch Up

This last session was speaking to a few individuals who’d ‘jumped ship‘ into a new career or went full force with an idea or concept they had to launch their business. It was interesting to hear where these women had come from and I think what was important to take away from the talk was that it’s never too late to start something new.

At the end of the day, you want to work in a job that you love doing and I think more and more people are realising that, especially with the opportunities that are available through blogging and vlogging.

Overall, I had such a productive day and that feeling of falling off the path with blogging has shifted. I feel as though I can grow my blogging business with fresh ideas and exciting prospects for the future.

Have you ever attended a conference like this? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was invited to this event by Very in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit


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