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A raucous revelation of the female underworld? Well I’m definitely interested. DAMES, a play written by Charlotte Merriam is one of the four talented and empowering women that founded the all-female company of Siberian Lights. I mean even the poster is giving me life.

DAMESThe play, centering around six women in a toilet, explores the lives of six dysfunctional women who are all brought together for an honest and real discussion about life beyond the cubicles. With no filter and no holding back, this is a play that I’ve certainly been waiting for. 

Why? Because it’s time that we had an honest viewpoint of women. We’re not all uniformed and fall into the same perfect box. In a world, where I was brought up to think you had to dress or look a certain way, is now becoming a thing of the past and we can finally be who we want to be, warts and all.

The women in this play have been hard at work and I know a few of them through my other half and can vouch for them that these are some seriously talented individuals. Many of them have already had a successful start since graduating from drama school and I hope that this production gets a sell out show it so rightly deserves because these ladies are going places.

Starring Melanie Stevens, Bianca Stephens, Olivia Elsden, Charlotte Merriam, Ellie Heydon and Arabella Neale, the play is being performed at the Pleasance Theatre between the 17th-29th April 2018. Tickets are £15 and £13 for concessions. If you’d like to book tickets then head over to the Pleasance Theatre’s website for more information. Don’t miss out on this show!

Are you interested in seeing DAMES? Let me know in the comments below and what you think of all-female and all-male companies.

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