10 Travel Tips For New Explorers


I haven’t even dipped my big toe into the world of travelling yet but I’ve already managed to see some beautiful places since I graduated from university. Life has often gotten in the way and so has money but for the most part, when we’ve visited these locations, we’ve got as much out of them as we can possibly can. So I thought I’d share 10 travel tips for new explorers because it’s good to share the knowledge to those who may not be familiar with travelling.


Research The Destination

It’s always best to do your research when picking your first of many destinations. Be sure to consult a travel agent or someone knowledgeable regarding the current safety of the city/country you are visiting. We went to Morocco for our holiday last year and our travel agent made sure whilst we were going through potential destinations, to alert us of any conflict or danger surrounding that area.

He also gave us advice on how Agadir would be the more relaxed and peaceful place to go in comparison to Marrakesh, which we can happily verify was the best advice we were given.


Compare Prices

Like any form of shopping, shop around before you book your adventure. I actually booked Rome separately, opting for a small B&B on one booking site and then buying the flights and transfers separately. Turned out, I saved quite a bit compared to package holidays I was looking at online.

Lastminute is a great place to find (obviously) – last minute deals. They have some great city break offers as well as Eurostar deals that are MUCH cheaper than buying from Eurostar directly.


Make A List

Oh my lord, I love a good list. A list is what will save you from forgetting that one item that you didn’t want to forget. I always live by the rule that I’d rather have too much than too little and a list is the best way of noting down everything you need for the trip. 

Structure your list so that you get down everything. For example for contact lenses, you’ll need to also put contact lens solution and contact lens case. Be very detailed in your list and you’re less likely to forget something. Do the same list for the way back to avoid leaving anything behind!


Don’t Take Too Much Cash

I’ve found previously, that I always took way too much travel currency with me, that I’m often left with some loose change leftover. When taking cash, be reasonable with how much you take and never carry all of it on your person. Think about using your debit or credit card too and there’s always travel cards available that you can put money onto.

Wherever you get your currency from, also decide on whether you want bigger or smaller denominations of cash. Smaller denominations are probably best for shorter stays.


Always Get Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must, no matter how short your trip may be. You never know what could happen when travelling and it’s always great peace of mind to know that you’re covered in the likelihood of injury. Comparison sites are perfect for finding the right insurance so you get the right type of cover that you need as an individual.


Get Your Phone Working Abroad

If I’d have gone to Rome alone, I would have been stuffed. I rely so heavily on my mobile phone for data and getting around the city. My phone at the time hadn’t been configured for data roaming abroad so luckily Sam, my partner saved the day with his.

Even if you like the more traditional sightseeing with a physical map, having your phone working abroad is good as a back up and in cases of an emergency, whether that’s a ‘help i’m lost‘ one or ‘dad I’m OK but I injured myself falling up the Spanish steps‘ one.


Hire Transport

Hiring a mode of transport is great for long treks or exploring a city. Whether you rent a car or buy a pro rider mobility scooter, modes of transport make travelling accessible for pretty much anyone, so there’s no excuse not to.


Plan But Be Spontaneous

Planning your days are necessary if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. When we were in Rome, we were very strict with our time so that we could fit in all the sight-seeing spots. Paris was a little more relaxed because there were less monuments and we were more conscious of being spontaneous, finding recommended drinking and eating spots to take a break in.

Having a good balance is great for getting the most out of your trip.


Take Lots Of Photos


Memories don’t last forever so document those memories with all the photos you can possibly fit on your camera. I’ve often forgotten some of the places in the cities that we’ve visited, especially restaurants or bars, so it’s good to have something to look back on.


Invest In The Culture

Finally, the most important part of travelling is to fully invest yourself in the culture. Try food that is commonly eaten there, visit the monuments and the places that make that area famous. Don’t just be that typical British holidaymaker that seeks out British bars and food, go exploring and try something new.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Pro Rider Mobility. All words are my own.


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